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FG Music Sitdown: MARYZARK


Almost a year ago, Maryzark celebrated a decade of music since the release of their debut album “Good Mournings”. This year, the band is back with a new single, Huli that would surely captivate the hearts of longtime fans and new listeners alike. Maryark has always been known to create heartfelt songs that are easily relatable and would surely give you the feels.

Last month, Maryark also held a jam-packed music video launch for Huli. The music video is now being played on local music channels and online via YouTube. For this Sitdown, we caught up with Maryzark’s synth player, Axel Vito Cruz and got the chance to talk to him about the band, their music video and their upcoming album.

Please introduce yourself and say something interesting about yourself.

I’m Axel Vito Cruz of House VC, First of His Name, Synths and Seaboardist for Maryzark, the Always Burnt, King of my Household, Breaker of Chicken Wings, and Father to My Son. How’s that as an introduction? Haha!

 How would you describe Maryzark’s music?

It’s actually a mash of most “rock” sounds during the 90s, after all that’s the era most of us grew up with. Like our first album has alternative pop rock, pop punk and then the 2010 EP gives off a more chill pero rock pa din na sound. Our music varies often, but we try to maintain the Filipino charisma in every song we make.

 Where do you get your inspiration in making music?

Our vocalist, Ice, doesn’t really listen to any new music as he doesn’t want to influence his style with whatever music we have now. The rest of the band listens to basically everything out there – from KPOP, JRock, music from the West, and OPM, of course. We believe that every detail in every song can contribute to influencing how you make your music – it is, after all, the true universal language.

 What’s on your playlist? Who are you listening to these days? Any guilty pleasure artist/album that you listen that people dont know about?

Personally? Lately I’ve been binging CHNDTR, Eevee, Red Light Go, Dhruva Tara, Firefalldown – basically the bands of my bandmates! I also have here my brother’s band Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus, probably the heaviest music in my daily playlist. Guilty pleasure? Goblin OST.

 What was the story behind your latest single, Huli?

In case you guys don’t know, most of our songs are a play on stories people tell us, and Huli is simply one of those stories. And as the song itself is being “told” instead of “sung” you know exactly what’s happening. No metaphors, just a bit of hurting here and there.

 How did you come up with the concept for the music video?

Basically, we wanted people to relate to it, and make them remember that at some point they’ve loved and lost. Our friends from Stronghold Manila helped built the concept and artistry of the video. To make it authentic, we had our social media friends participate in some way, and thus a lot of the items you see in the video are contributions from them, gifts from their ex’s that they willingly allowed us to destroy.

How was the experience making the music video? Any memorable moments?

“Mainit” sums it all! Up to now we’re still burnt. Haha! But it was all worth it, especially based from the feedback of those who had already watched it.

We know you’re currently in the process of making a new album, how’s it going? What can fans expect in the new album?

We’re sticking to the staple Maryzark sound that people grew to love, with some added elements here and there especially as we have new members who can bring new influences to the table. So standby for it! I don’t want to spoil it for you.

 Since we are a geek/pop-culture site, we just had to ask: Aside from music, what are things do you geek about? 

Obviously GoT for me, Marvel shows both TV and film, DC films. I play Marvel Future Fight, basically the only game I can play with the hectic schedule we got. I’m pretty sure my band mates have a lot more to share!

A message for your supporters. 

Thank you for supporting us! Sana hindi kayo magsawa. We really appreciate your support and encouragement, and we truly enjoy our back-and-forths sa social media. Maraming salamat!

Maryark is Ice Gecolea (vocals), Axel Vito Cruz (synth), Paulo Mendoza (drums), Paolo Segura (Guitars), Niko Bacani (Guitars), and Sean De Leon (bass).

We would like to thank Axel and the rest of Maryzark for this opportunity. We’ll be sure to get back in touch with the rest of the band once their new album comes out. For now, you can enjoy their latest music video, Huli.

Huli is produced by Maryzark and Stronghold MNL and directed by James Muleta.

You can also listen to Huli for free on Spotify.

Learn more about the band and their gig schedules by visiting their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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