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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Bravest Warriors #21

Writer: Kate Leth
Illustrator: Ian Mc Ginty
Color: Lisa Moore
Cover Artists: Mady Martin, Amber Ren, and Jason Adams
Publisher: Kaboom! Studios

Issue 21 of Bravest Warriors starts off a new story arc with a fresh creative team, a perfect jumping-on point for a new reader like myself. We find the eponymous heroes of the comic in the middle of a light-hearted picnic… on a dying planet that they happen to be trapped on. The team’s attempts to rectify their situation only serve to doom them further, and readers get schooled in just how quickly bad can become worse.

Kate Leth writes a fast-paced comic that relies mostly on the interplay of her characters to drive her plot forward. While the characters each seem to have distinct voices, and most of the dialogue is humorous in its own way, the story seemed to meander rather than actually develop tension, despite the number of stakes raised. I am definitely going to read the next issue though, as the Bravest Warriors were “cute” enough to mildly pique my interest. Also, it helped that the character intros were an homage to “Friday Night Lights”.

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The illustrations, by Ian McGinty, are delightful. While some may take the “noodley” art to an illogical extreme, McGinty manages to convey facial and bodily expressions in ways that serve the story and dialogue very well. The panelling does feel a bit cluttered, however it is dynamic in some parts. The illustrator also uses multiple “camera-angles” in their work, giving the comic additional depth and urgency.

The comic comes with some bonuses: three beautiful covers, that I wouldn’t mind having framed on my wall, and a self-contained short comic, done in refreshing jewel colours, written by Mad Rupert and illustrated by Toril Orlesky.

All in all, a nice read, and likely to get better as the new team hit their stride.

Rating: 6 out of 10



Hope Swann