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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Godzilla Legends # 1

Flipgeeks team reviewing IDW Publishing‘s Godzilla Legends # 1 by Matt Frank and Jeff Prezenkowski

Earl’s Take:

Being a Kaiju fan, this title really hit all the right tunes for me. We have a solo story featuring Godzilla’s underdog ally Anguirus and a bunch of humans trying to work together to stop the destruction caused by tougher opponent Destroyah.

Being that this is going to a solo review I’ll take a different approach.


- Anguirus is a great foil to Godzilla. He’s not equipped with an atomic breath or anything like that but he’s tenacious and feisty and he won’t stop until his opponent is dead or defeated. This issue really made me appreciate the creation of this kaiju.

- Godzilla being referred to as “Alpha Kaiju”. The term alone was a treat for Godzilla fans. It definitely means that the guys in the story call him the biggest and the strongest of all monsters.

- The art by Jeff Prezenkowski was great. It’s got a subtle mix of anime/manga fused perfectly with western comic book illustration. I’m calling this now but IDW should have this artist on standby if they’ve got problems with some of their art team.

- Destroyah. Who wouldn’t want to see Destroyah, the beast is just plain scary plus he’s got tons of weapons to use to kill people and destroy cities. Good read

- Covers done by Arthur Adams. One of the best Godzilla related covers for 2011 comes from this book and its done by artist par excellent Art Adams who also does the covers for Marvel’s The Fearless.


- Godzilla not making an appearance till the last page was kind of bummer for me. Why call the book “Godzilla Legends” when the big G only makes it into three pages tops (including a flashback panel for Anguirus).

- The concept of a dog whistle seems kinda stupid. But it was a good plot device to reel in Anguirus. It’s better than the monster simply stumbling into the middle of Destroyah’s destructo-fest.

- The plot regarding the commander being able to pilot a chopper is kinda ridiculous IMHO.

Overall, I’d give Godzilla Legends # 1 a 3. I’d recommend that you get the book, but I’m not saying you should expect a very moving book (not in the calibre of Watchmen or Maus) but its still enjoyable. Plus it’s a one and done story so you don’t have to pick up the next book in case your not interested in the next character they would spotlight (which in this case is Rodan).

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