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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Savage Wolverine # 1

Comic book review for Savage Wolverine # 1 written and drawn by Frank Cho.


Frank Cho returns to the main fold of the Marvel 616 with a new jungle adventure in the form of “Savage Wolverine”. The new story picks up with the basic plot elements. It’s got a good mystery, sexy babes, exotic locales and lots of action and violence courtesy of Marvel’s resident berserker.

The book is impressive in the sense that it’s got clean lines and really killer visuals. I always say that when it comes to Frank Cho books, I’d always go home a winner no matter how sucky the storyline might be (actually I consider it a bonus if the story is pretty good when it comes to a Cho book).

In Savage Wolverine, we’ve got a very story that’s set in an island that’s suddenly mysterious and something thats appeared but implied to have been there for as long as the 616 Universe. It’s kinda convenient that this island suddenly appears and is suddenly the focus of a SHIELD investigation. Again to prove the point that everything here’s a bit of conveniently placed stuff, there’s also Shanna who’s part of investigating team who crashes.

Anyway, without the need to really diss the book, there’s a lot for everybody in this new adventure tale. The whole theme of adventure will be good for a lot of casual comic book readers. Then there’s the hardcore fans of Wolverine


Savage is also suitable for Shanna fans (regardless of how few they are). And then there’s also the fans of how Cho does Dinosaurs.

 Overall, I strongly believe that Savage Wolverine is a good title and a great pick for this. You can bet that you’ll be happy with this book. Hopefully after Cho’s departure, we get the same quality of artists and writers to tackle the ol’ Canucklehead.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

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Earl Maghirang