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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Revelations #1


Ryan’s (@luiboi) take:
Back in 2005 Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins first released their comic book series, Revelations. It was released then through a different publisher and now BOOM! Studios is publishing the book back.  Revelations is not your typical comic book. It’s not the usual works that creators Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins have been known for. These guys have previously collaborated on Out There, Fairy Quest and a number of issues on Amazing Spider-Man.

Revelations begins with a priest falling to his death in Vatican City. The first few pages of this issue immediately get your attention. It’s not usual that you get to read a book with the opening pages immediately showing death or even a possible murder. The story is set in Vatican which adds to the mystery of this book that why of all places would a crime be committed in the Catholic capital in the world.

Revelations stars London detective, Charlie Northern and as to how he would like to describe himself, he’s a forty-five year old and soon to be ex-smoker of 30 years. Charlie Northern seems to be a simply guy before he gets involved in all of this mess. His character reminds of Robert Langdon (Angels and Demons) mixed with John Constantine (Constantine).  Charlie Northern got engaged in the mystery as he gets a visit from his friend, Cardinal Leclair requesting a favor that he look in the murder of the Vatican priest. Charlie is a non-believer and he only took the case as favor for a friend. Charlie Northern is the best choice for this position as he could look into the case from the eyes of an outsider without his faith being a conflict of interest. As Charlie gets into the Vatican, he notices a lot of inconsistencies as to how this case is being handled or more proper, mishandled. He suspects right at the onset based on he’s findings that there’s more to this case and that this is not just a murder committed against a priest.

The first issue of Revelations is nicely written and has the right amount of mystery which makes you look forward to the succeeding issues to know more about the mystery and conspiracy of the crime. You might think that after reading the first issue that the story seems familiar and that you might have read it somewhere before. Revelations is reminiscent of the novel, Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. I’ve always been fan of the creative team of Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins and I’d say that Revelations is one of their best books. The detailed art of Humberto Ramos matches well with the dark and gritty writing of Paul Jenkins.  Revelations has a sketch book feel to it as its made by pencils and color without any inks and there are a lot of cross hatchings which adds up to the dark theme of the book. Either you’re a fan of Revelations ‘ creative team or loves stories about mysteries and conspiracies or just simply looking for a fresh story to read, Revelations issue 1 is definitely worth picking up.

Nicolo’s (@ultimate_nico) take:
Revelations #1 from the Fairy Quest team of Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos has a very “buddy cop” concept; a detective has to help his friend in the Vatican solve a crime, the only problem is…the detective…is an ATHEIST! Cue the laughter and the popcorn munching. Of course, Revelations #1 is no laughing matter; it’s as serious as crime books with blood, murders and conspiracies afoot, but not much else.

The plot isn’t really anything to write home about; someone in the Vatican may have killed someone in the Vatican is really the only thing I learned from the story of Jenkins here with the only thing added to spice things up is the protagonist being an atheist, sure a conspiracy is teased here, but as a first issue there’s nothing here that grabs me or wants me to pick up the next issue.

It also doesn’t help that Charlie’s a boring lead protagonist; he describes his various quirks with narration in page 8, but aside from smoking a lot he doesn’t show any of these quirks, he’s just very boring. Just because you have no faith, doesn’t mean you should have no personality.

Ramos’ art on the other hand is rather wonderful; at times it almost looks painted thanks to the absolutely wonderful colours of Leonardo Olea and Edgar Delgaldo. Sure it’s hyper stylized, but his facial expressions are strong and his human figures are always interesting to look at, the only flaw here is that the lead is supposedly 45, but looks no older than a Ramos drawn Peter Parker.

Despite the premise and the art from Ramos the only thing revealing about Revelations #1 is how bland it is. Hopefully the next issue is more interesting; there are 5 more issues after all.


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