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DID I LIKE: Superman: Earth One

A new take on the whole Clark Kent/ Superman dynamics might just have given the well deserved boost for DC Comic‘s Big blue boyscout.

So what’s the book really all about? To put it bluntly the book deals with the life of a pre-Superman Clark Kent trying to strike out on his own in the bustling city of Metropolis.

The art by Shane Davis is exceptional and stands out pretty nice. His work for this graphic novel definitely correlates perfectly with the writing style of J. Michael Straczynski as we see a Superman that’s still wanting to find out what he should mean in the world. A Superman that’s still wanting to find his place in the world…

Just like a million other teenagers and young adults in the streets. Not wanting to feel left behind or ignoring the feeling of confusion for the young Clark Kent, the reader will see through the 100 plus page graphic novel the life he leads before actually going to Metropolis.

Another interesting and charming thing about the hero for the book is the fact that Clark is half annoyed and half testing the waters for what he really wants to do flying solo. I mean, when I was younger, I wanted to pass my resume to just about every company there was just to see if I fit the bill or not.

The action scenes in the 100 page plus graphic novel is packed. There’s drama. A little bit of dry humor and a lot of action.

When news first came about of the new set of graphic novels under the Earth One banner, the publishers goal was to show how Superman and even Batman for that matter would work on a 21st century setting. This was all about reinvention and recreation. And by the looks of the first Earth One banner, it seems like they might have done what they set out to do.

If this is only the herald for all books Earth One, then I would proudly say that I can’t wait to pick up Batman: Earth One and the next volumes for Superman.


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Earl Maghirang