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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Action Comics # 0

Comic book review for Action Comics # 0 by Grant Morrison and Ben Oliver

Our first stop for this week’s comic book review is Action Comics # 0 which tells a pretty cute story and very classic story of Superman/ Clark Kent and what his life was like when he got to Metropolis. The great thing about this story is that Morrison tries to show what Clark’s POV is like.

It’s also a nice point to show the lives of Clark’s various supporting cast before the Man of Steel’s first appearance in AC # 1. It’s a book that’ll make you go “I did not know that”. I for one never knew that Jimmy Olsen was a rich kid who played video games with Clark. Neither did I know that he’s already working as a paparazzi for local celebrities (read “hot chicks”) and that what he really wants is to be recognized for his photos of news worthy stuff. It’s these little tidbits that make Action such a good read. Of course there are subtle hints of the old Clark-Lois love story but its only peeks and glimpses.

The winner for this issue however is the art provided by Ben Oliver. I’m surprised that Oliver jumped over to DC. I remember his work with “Ultimate X-Men” during the “Cable” story arc and that for me was just so-so. This time however, it was a total jaw-dropping experience.

The whole subplot about the kid who stole Superman’s cape was also pretty cute and it’s got some silver age sensibilities in it. The best part? It adds more depth to the New 52 Superman mythos while telling a great story about a kid who wants to stand up to bullying and putting his foot down on abuse.

I haven’t been following the complete run on Action Comics so I’m really not sure what the main topic is for the backup story but it’s pretty impressive in my standards. Maybe it’s because of the POV character used or maybe because it was a foreboding of the events that happened in the first arc of “Action”.

I’m going to say that this is a grade-A book that’s worthy of having Morrison’s name on it.


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Earl Maghirang