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KOMIKET 2015: 5 Things To Watch Out

Its “Ber” season again, which only means that conventions come left and right, and a lot of them made a household name for themselves. But, there is another one that you need to watch out this coming October. Komiket is coming to your convention list.

Here are some interesting details that you should watch out at this year’s Komiket.



1. The First Ever Komiket Awards
Yes, our dear readers.. there’ll be an awarding ceremony on Komiket. But, this s going to be different. This is open to those komiks creators whose their komiks will debut on Komiket. And who are the judges? Well, that’s for the attendees to find out.

2. Komiket Pitch
From the word itself, pitch is a verb used when you try to sell or promote something. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Komiket will organize an opportunity to indie comic book artists who wants their work to be published in mainstream line.

3. New Comic Book Releases
In this year’s Komiket, we will get to see the latest works from AJ Bernando and Noel Pascual and something new from Arnold Arre. Yes, guys. You heard it. Arnold Arre is coming to Komiket and its his first appearance. You don’t want to miss this right?

4. Komiket Student Competition
Here is something that you’ll only see in Komiket. The organizers are giving opportunities to students to present their comic book skills and aims to discover the next new komiks creator. This contest is open to all students, from high school to college. The top entries will be published in an anthology. Now, isn’t that cool?

5. Benedict Coo In The House!
Be psyched because Benedict Coo will be present there! He’s been into a lot of international convention and he’ll be gracing the Elements with his works and, you’ll get a chance to meet him.

Now, isn’t that thrilling? Mark your calendars because Komiket will happening on October 3-4 at Elements Centris. Check out their Facebook page for more details. Or you can tune in here in Flipgeeks. See you all there!

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