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KOMIKON 2011 UPDATES: Complete List of the Nominees for Komikon Awards 2011

Komikon has recently released the complete list for their 3RD KOMIKON READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS. Their categories varied from the Best Current Filipino International Artist to Best Comic Series, to Grassroots Award, and so much more. This is the award where we can praise our creative talents who are Filipinos and involved in the Filipino Comic Book industry. And the nominees are…

Best Current Filipino International Artist

– Stephen Jorge Segovia (Ultimate Avengers vs Ultimates, Silver Surfer,
Dark Wolverine)
– Leinil Francis Yu (Ultimate Avengers vs Ultimates, Superior)
– Carlo Pagulayan (Incredible Hulks, Agents of Atlas)
– Mico Suayan (Covers for Various)
– Harvey Tolibao (Silver Surfer, X-Men: Hellbound, X-Men: Psylocke)
– Philip Tan (The Outsiders, Green Lantern)
- Francis Manapul (The Flash, Action Comics)

Best Graphic Novel / Anthology

- Trese: Mass Murders (Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldissimo, Visprint)
- 12 (Manix Abrera, Visprint)
- Filipino Heroes League: Stick and Stones (Paolo Fabregas, Visprint)
- Elmer (Gerry Alanguilan, Komikero Publishing)
- Skyworld: Prodigal (Mervin Ignacio & Ian Sta. Maria, Alamat Comics)
- Love is in the Bag 5 (Ace Vitangcol & Jed Siroy, Studio Studio)

Best Comic Series

– Astiging Boy Ipis (Paul Michael Ignacio, Gilbert Monsanto, etc.,
Sacred Mountain Prod.)
– Bayan Knights (Gilbert Monsanto, etc., Sacred Mountain Prod.)
– The Adventures of Erek Shawn (Digital Art Chefs, FHM Philippines, Summit Media)
– Foldabots (Jomike Tejido, KZone Philippines, Summit Media)
– Love is in the Bag (Ace Vitangcol & Jed Siroy, Studio Studio)

Best Comic Strip Compilation

- Beerkada (Lyndon Gregorio, Beerkadaworks)
– Kubori Kikiam: I Heart Short Shorts (Michael David, Point Zero Comics)
– Chopsticks (Stanley Chi, Psicom Publishing)
– Kikomachine (Manix Abrera, Visprint)
– Life in Progress 3 Tales of Minor Awesomess (Julius Villanueva, Psicom Publishing)
– Pugad Baboy (Pol Medina Jr., Polgas)
– Callwork, Proud Callboy (Hazel Manzano, Self-Published)

Best Comic Creator/Creators

- Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldissimo (Trese)
– Point Zero Comics (Kanto Inc, Digmaang Salinlahi, Kubori Kikiam, Pasig, Ibangis,
Cresci Prophecies, Codename: Bathala)
– Mervin Ignacio & Ian Sta. Maria (Skyworld)
– Freely Abrigo (Kapitan Tog)
– Gio Paredes (Kalayaan)
– Gilbert Monsanto (Bayan Knights, Boy Ipis, Tropa, Rambol)
– Ace Vitangcol & Jed Siroy (Love is in the Bag)
– Gener Pedrina (Sanduguan, Bato)
– Apol Sta. Maria (Alamat ng Panget and many other)
– Paolo Fabregas (Filipino Heroes League)

Best Cartoonist

- Lyndon Gregorio (Beerkada)
– Julius Villanueva ( Life in Progress)
– Manix Abrera (Kikomachine)
– Stanley Chi (Chopsticks)
– Hazel Manzano (Callwork)
– Pol Medina Jr. (Pugad Baboy)
– Freely Abrigo (Kulas)

Best Cover

- Elmer (Gerry Alanguilan, Komikero Publishing)
– Trese: Mass Murders (Kajo Baldissimo, Visprint)
– The Quarterly Bathroom Companium Comics Compedium (The QBCCC)
– KK: We Heart Short Shorts (Michael David, Point Zero Comics)
– Bayan Knights 4 (Harvey Tolibao & Romulo Fajardo, Sacred Mountain Prod.)
– Bayan Knights 5 (Gilbert Monsanto, Sacred Mountain Prod.)
– Skyworld: Testament (Ian Sta. Maria, Alamat Comics)
– Skyworld: Prodigal (Ian Sta. Maria, Alamat Comics)
– Kapitan Tog 2 (Freely Abrigo)
– Zombies in Manila 1 (Kevin Justin Ang)
– Punxx 2 (JP Cuison)

Best Webcomic

- By Moon Alone (Hai Ibardolaza, www.bymoonalone.com)
– Kubori Strips (Michael David, www.kuborikikiam.com)
– Darna Lives (Gerry Alanguilan & Arnold Arre, darnalives.blogspot.com)
– Tabi Po (Mervin Malonzo, www.tabi-po.com)
– Work in Progress (Hub Pacheco & Teddy Pavon, www.wipcomics.com)
– News Hardcore (Manix Abrera, www.gmanews.tv/story/202014/manix-abreras-news-hardcore-1)

Grassroots Awards

- Macoy Tang (Ang Mascot, School Run, Taal Monster vs Alien Paru Paro, Operasyon)
– RH Quilantang (Goodbye Rubbit, Insomnior, Manila Man, Porkypine Rood)
– The Quarterly Bathroom Companion Comics Compendium (The QBCCC)
by Various
– Tepai Pascual (Maktan 1521, Mark)
– Omeng Estanislao (Love Story, Anak ng Tupang Itim, Hero, Lipad, Ondoy)
– Apol Sta. Maria (Alamat ng Panget)
– Gio Paredes (Kalayaan)
– Kai Castillo (Patintero)
– Mel Casipit (Baboy, MLU, Mukat)
– Erico Rollan Calimlim (Pag-Asa)
– Melvin Calingo (Pasig, Kanto Inc.)
– Joanah Tinio Calingo (Cresci Prophecies, Kanto Inc., Curtains for Hire)
– Silent Sanctum Manga by Various
– WIP Comics by Hub Pacheco & Teddy Pavon
– Kapitan Tog by Freely Abrigo
– Ninja Bear vs Robokat by Jonty Cruz & Javey Villones
– PUNXX by JP Cuison
– Ice Cream Indie by Kristone Bayoneta & Emil Dela Cruz
– Drop Dead Dangerous by Chad Cabrera & Mike Banting
– Wan Mananita (Ang Morion, Unos Mundos)
– Zombies in Manila by Kevin Justin Ang

Best Comics Character

- Alexandra Trese of Trese (Tan/Baldisimo)
– Taal Monster of Taal Volcano Monster vs Evil Space ParuParo (Tang)
– Eli of WIP Comics (Pacheco/Pavon)
– Codename: Bathala of Codename: Bathala / Bayan Knights (Zamar/Abinuman)
– Elmer of Elmer (Alanguilan)
– Jake of Elmer (Alanguilan)
– Manila Man of Manila Man/ Bayan Knights (Quilantang)
– Kidlat Kid of Filipinos Heroes League (Fabregas)
– Boy Ipis of Astiging Boy Ipis/Bayan Knights (Ignacio/Monsanto)
- Maso of Maso / Bayan Knights (Ibay)
– Bebe of Aha Hule (Milamiling)
– Kapitan Tog of Kapitan Tog (Abrigo)
– Bertong Badtrip of Kikomachine (Abrera)
- Tusok Tusok Buhok of Kikomachine (Abrera)
– The Kikiams of Kubori Kikiam (David/Calingo/Rosales)
– Sandata of Sanduguan (Pedrina)
– Gwapoman of Gwapoman/Bayan Knights (Felizmenio)
– Apog of Insomnoir / Manila Man (Quilantang)
– Calvin Jacobs of Love is in the Bag (Vitangcol/Siroy)

Best Comics Scene

- Pedicab Scene, Filipino Heroes League (Fabregas)
Kuya Tim combines with Kikiams, of Kubori Kikiam (David)
Pacquioa Emerges, Zombies in Manila 1 (Ang)
Boy Ipis vs. Incredible Bull, Astiging Boy Ipis 2 (Ignacio/Monsanto/Zamar)
Bayan Knight vs. Sipaka, Bayan Knights 2 (Monsanto)

Don’t know how and where to vote? Well, voting starts in September 15 and you can vote HERE!

In this exceptional occasion, Flipgeeks will have their own ‘mock voting’ where the public can participate on who will win in each category of the Komikon Awards 2011. We will also be featuring Komikon-related articles soon.

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