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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Mystic Teacher #1

Mystic Teacher #1

Story & Art by
Gamaliel Paz Jr.
Lightbox Comics
Release Date:
November 2011

Cassidy San Juan was an ordinary school teacher but things changed when he discovers that his arms has super natural powers.

His story started when he was younger. Cassidy or Casiong as he was called at home has a bloodline of Mystic Albularyos who was well known for exorcising spirits or Lamang Lupa which wreaks havoc in their town. But In Casiongs case this bloodline skipped so he has no mystical powers whatsoever.But things changed one bloody night when Casiong who is in grade 3 had a practice for their school play and had to go home late…Little that he know that he was being followed by an Asuang who has a grudge to fill with Casiongs father.

Casiong was attacked by the Asuang which bit off his arms. His father felt what happened and rushed to his aid. He was too late, Casiong was almost dead when he arrived.

His Father faught with the Asuang and won. In order to save Casiong, His father performed a mystical spell in which he used his own arms as an exchange for Casiong’s lost limbs.Everything has a price. His father died that night and unknowingly transferred all of his Mystical Powers to his son.Through the years Casiong forgot everything that happened because of the trauma that was inflicted in the attack.

Now as a School teacher everything is unfolding and Cassidy’s abilities are slowly being realized.Luwalhati High School is the gateway to hell in which evil spirits are lurking. He must use his abilities to save his students against “LAMANG LUPA” bad spirits who are there to create chaos.Together with Nurse Rita a possessed school nurse who has the ability to absorb diseases and wounds they try and help those students in need and teach them valuable lesson in life.

He is Sir Cassidy San Juan the MYSTIC TEACHER.

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