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LET’S TALK KOMIKS with Wan Mañanita

Here in Flipgeeks, we always believe that our country is full of talented artists and writers. One of the budding artists in the local comic book scene is Wan Mañanita. Wan is one of the artists under the roof of Frances Luna Illustration Firm III, which features comics in the local scene. He became remarkable in the industry, notably because of his works The Morion, Unos Mundos, and Manila Accounts 1081.


We had a chance to talk with this young artist to share us his life experiences as a comic book artist and writer, his inspiration and his upcoming comic book Mundos Novus.

FLIPGEEKS:  Can you tell us how did you get in to this scene and what inspired you to become a comic book artist?
WAN MAÑANITA:  Uhhh, paano ba? I think it’s probably a cliché answer. You see, when I was still a kid, mahilig akong manood ng anime.  So I tried to copy these anime characters. Most especially “teks“. Those were the first one that I used as my basis in drawing. And probably, the biggest inspiration that I want to make comics was probably reading the Culture Crash Magazine.  I was probably in college at that time, around first year or second year. I can’t remember. Haha!

Culture Crash! I also collect that one too.
Yes, I collect those too. Nabaha nga lang.


Mundus Novus Chapter 3 Cover

Aww. That’s too bad. Anyway, why did you become a comic book artist? Did you really thought that you’ll be in this position right now?
I am not. When I was a child, I really wanted to be an animator, and I also wanted to become an astronaut. Pero impossible pala. So the closest thing was to become a reporter. So, I took Mass Communication when I was in college.

Then, after my college graduation, I studied Digital Arts which eventually earned me a graphic artist job. This job eventually ended me up making comics as a hobby.

It was a really long process. So, you really paved your own way to learn the basics of this industry and it seems you are enjoying it. What do you think is the best part of being a comic book artist?
I don’t know. The sales, I guess. Haha!  Lalo na pag marami kang benta every Komikon. Well, that’s a practical answer. Pero, the romanticized answer would be, of course, the process of making comic books, especially the drawing. I also love lettering in comics. I find it awesome. Haha!

So, if ever you have a chance, would you do lettering for another artist? Who would be that dream artist?
I love lettering, but I would prefer to be an artist. Kahit sino pwede sa akin magpa-letter.

That’s cool. We keep on seeing your webcomics. Where do you get your inspiration in making those web comics?
So far, I only have one webcomic which is “Reese”.  I love RomComs (romantic comedies) and I love serial killer stories. So, there you go. I get my ideas from there.

Romantic Comedies?
Yep, I am fan! :)

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That’s sweet. Anyway, regarding your newest work, Mundos Novus, will there be any difference that you’ve taken noticed from your previous works?
Of course, there is. Mas lalo sa Mundos Novus because, it is a re-draw. The comics first came out at 2008 and ang pangit pa ng drawing ko nun. I also fixed a lot of writings so, it will be good for a trade paperback form.


Do you think your style matured from 2008?
Of course. Haha!

In which aspect do you think it changed or matured?
I think mostly on art, because my focus is about my drawing. Then, secondly is my writing. I definitely need to grow on that side, though.

That’s nice to hear. Since Mundus Novus is coming out, what do we expect from the comics, especially that there’s a growing population of local comic book readers?
Hmm, I really don’t expect anything. I just want to put it out there and I hope magustuhan nila. Kung may magka-gusto,  then thanks.

What should we watch out from you?
Well, I’ll be there in Komikon. I’ll be releasing the remastered version of Mundus Novus. And so far, yun lang naman. Haha!

And, how do you see Mundus Novus in the next couple of years? And yourself?
Well, I was hoping that I wouldn’t stop writing and drawing for that comics. Maka-limang trade paperback form, kung kakayanin. Haha!

Watch out Wan’s Mundus Novus this coming Komikon. You can also catch more of his works in his Tumblr and DeviantArt pages.

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