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Mel Casipit Releases MUKAT’s First Volume TPB and Issue #7 This October

 Mel Casipit (EDSA, Baboy)  is one heck of a guy! Proud to call him as my friend, colleague in the Philippine (indie) komiks industry and as a komiks reader. He had many accomplishments related with Komikon events under his belt.

This year at Komikon 2012, Casipit will release two book under his fantasy-based komiks – Mukat -  An adventure in the land of Euclidia. Join Prince Eric on his adventure to find his one and only love.:

In the 10th year of the series,  Mukat Volume 1 will be premiered. This trade paperback contains first issues of #1-5. The 136-pager book is with a colored cover, rendered coloring by Wan Mananita (Ang Morion, Manila Accounts 1081: Prologue: The Binondo Attention Heist), it has a PhP 250 cover price.

Mukat Volume 1 will only have a limited 15 copies in the first run.

The next installment of the series finally arrives, Mukat #7!


 The adventure of Prince Eric, Jani and Sapok continues with the latest installment of Mukat, in this chapter they are bound to discover a new enemy much stronger than what they have ever fought before.

Priced at PhP 30, it will also have 15 copies to be sold.

Mukat Volume 1 and Mukat # 7 will be on sale this Komikon 2012.

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