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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Sex Criminals #2

Sex Criminals #2 cover

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky
Company: Image Comics

The second issue of Sex Criminals by Matt fraction and Chip Zdarsky is a bit disappointing. It’s not a bad comic per say; it still has plenty of Matt Fraction’s signature comedy that ranges from weird to incredibly human and Zdarsky’s art is better than ever, but it barely moves the story forward.

This issue focuses on Jon; Suzie’s boyfriend and partner in crime. Most of the issue focuses on how Jon discovered his powers and it’s not at all poorly written. Fraction finds a suitable voice for Jon and his origin – if one can call it that – is incredibly humorous, the problem however is that Jon’s back-story is nowhere near as intriguing as Suzie’s in the first issue. Perhaps he didn’t want to bog the audience down with too much drama so I can understand the decision; but it resulted in me not caring too much for Jon.

To be fair the relationship between the two is actually presented very well. It’s easy to see why these two characters would be interested in each other whether it’s Suzie making fun of Jon’s glowing privates or how they share their stories the love – or like – between the two never feels forced. The weirdness is also amped up a bit although the details of said oddities have yet to be explained, but it does leave us intrigued.

Zdarsky’s art continues to impress. His characters continue to be expressive, not to mention the fact that he never makes anyone look identical – which is an impressive feat – and he captures motion very well; the standout scene for me was the scene in the pornshop – or cum world as stated in the book- where a young Jon is being chased around by various people. It’s beautifully drawn and one can actually imagine the Benny Hill music playing in the background as this happens.

The second issue of Sex Criminals is a bit lacking, but still continues to be a fun comic book with plenty of humour and great art. The lack of drama that was presented in Suzie’s story disappointed me although I can see why one would find it an improvement over the previous issue; it just didn’t impress me I suppose.


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Nicolo Parungo