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LOKAL GRIND: ‘Gripo Komiks’ And Brian ‘Tots’ Valeza

Today, let’s scope on two talents here in the Philippines: our Baguio-brewed comic book group – Gripo Comics and Brian ‘Tots’ Valeza.

Gripo Comics is created by the talented, clever and witty artists in Baguio City from both group Baguio City Comics Awareness Society and comic book group, Greepo Comics.

Recently, Gripo Comics rebooted themselves and started the initiative of going back to the ‘Golden Era of Komiks’ roots, where the usual Filipino ‘komiks’ back then were sold: newsstands on sidewalks (bangketa).

Issues of Gripo Comics are available at newsstands around Session Road, Baguio City.

Gripo Comics #3 will be released in September 5, 2011.

Members of the local-based comic book group – Bayan Knights, spread a ‘masterwork’ image piece by their fellow member, Brian ‘Tots’ Valeza. Featuring their characters in the Bayan Knights universe, this work should be given a well-deserved praise.

New comics of Bayan Knights will be released in Nobember.

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