Posted June 6, 2016 by Norby Ela in Comics

Magnetic Press entices you for RE*PRO*DUCT

Magnetic Press has unveiled an advance look at a 6-page preview of the forthcoming graphic novel RE*PRO*DUCT. Written by Austin Wilson (Six Barrel Shotgun) & illustrated by Logan Faerber (Oh Killstrike, Adventure Time), this gorgeously rendered and sharply written down-to-earth sci-fi story grapples with some of the most important questions of identity, gender, and politics from a fascinatingly fresh new set of robot eyes. Who’s Product are YOU?

Reproduct cov

In the future, robots have been legally granted the right to life. Their intelligence is not artificial, and it may not be the best approximation of a personality. But they reflect all the intricacies of a human mind and personality, only from within a manufactured shell, developing and learning as the rest of us do. They mirror us in all the ways we would want, but also in those ways we would wish to exclude…  A tale of teen-angst and romance, through the eyes of a growing ‘bot.

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