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PREVIEW: 7-STOREY by Vincent Lapuz

7_Storey_cover7 -STOREY

Story & Art by
Vincent Lapuz
Cover by
Vincent Lapuz
Published by
Chemical Comics
Cover Price
PhP 55
Other details:
49 pgs., B&W cover and inside

Seven different stories revolving around a fictional world, seven pages each as well.

First story is about two detectives thrown into casual poker game turning Devil’s strife.
Second story is about a Villain with a twisted romance to his female super-nemesis.
Third story about background alien character having a vacation on earth, thrown into a grudge match with an assistance of a Comic book store owner.
Fourth story is about a girlfriend dealing with her love’s legacy as a heir to a super-cowl.
Fifth story is about a man dealing with a consequence of a super bomb detonated by super villains.
Sixth story tells around a detective of a hidden city dealing with murderous trespassers as a usual.
Last story tells about a robot henchman helping his boss’ enemy, and realizes true happiness.

7_Storey_0003 7_Storey_0004 7_Storey_0013 7_Storey_0014 7_Storey_0016 7_Storey_0017

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