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SKOTTIE YOUNG Covers Marvel’s STAR WARS for 2015

Skottie Young is a very talented artist that has been wildly known from his long run  on the Oz books, his current work in Rocket Raccoon and his vast arrays of ‘baby’ variant covers, all in Marvel Comics. his unique style in mainstream comics has cultivated him to great opportunities.

click on the image to view it bigger

click on the image to view it bigger

Next year, Marvel will launch their Star Wars titles: Star Wars (Jason Aaron & John Cassaday), Darth Vader (Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca) and Princess Leia (Mark Waid and Terry Dodson).

With their first issues coming out, Marvel has revealed their interlocking variant covers done by none other than – Skottie Young.

Star Wars #1 goes on sale in January, with Darth Vader #1 following in February, and Princess Leia #1 coming in March.

The image used is from MTV.com

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