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REVIEW: ‘Super Sons #1′ a beacon all future Rebirth titles should follow

The World's Finest to The World's Tiniest, as Jon and Damian join forces in Super-Sons #1.

The World’s Finest to The World’s Tiniest, as Jon and Damian join forces in Super-Sons #1.

The DC Universe is vast and gigantic, but normally, a place filled to the brim in seriousness and  everything grim and gritty. However, Rebirth has done a good job of introducing some fun  concepts back to the fold, and there’s nothing fun quite like a minuscule version of the World’s  Finest.

The story of Batman and Superman joining forces has been told many times, but in SUPER  SONS #1, it’s a meeting of kids – specifically their kids. Damian Wayne is a rebel looking for a  purpose while the Dark Knight is out and about, and Jon Kent’s true nature is trapped within the  confines of the school system. Together, they’re a perfect match as they try and quench their  thirst for adventure which normally means, ending up in trouble.

 Peter J. Tomasi, having both handled Damian and Jon separately, was the right man for the  job in writing Super-Sons. Jon and Damian bounce off each other in dialogue not unlike their  fathers, while interactions for Jon and Damian with both kids and adults were well-done. Jorge  Jimenez handles the art, and the subtle differences he employs are very apparent. Jon and  Damian are almost like stick figures, a perfect contrast to the bigger frames of the adults. Even  though places like the Batcave are very dark, the color used in the issue is bright enough that it  ends up very splashy without overpowering the reader.

Meetings between members of the Bat and Super families often end up in hostility, but in Super  Sons #1, it’s a true breath of fresh air to see things handled differently. A premise like this is  perfect for the Rebirth initiative, and a story like this should be a beacon all future Rebirth titles  should follow.

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