Posted October 21, 2014 by Drew Bagay in Gaming

TEKKEN 7 Coming to Japanese Arcades

After conducting location tests for Tekken 7 a few weeks ago, Bandai Namco Games held several business meetings this week in which they announced the arcade release will be arriving in February 2015Avoiding the Puddle reports.

The details about the arcade release were shared in the form of business catalogs (which you can see below), which include arcade pricing, gameplay mechanics, and other promotional images. The catalogs only provide information on the Japanese arcade release, whether an international release is going to happen remains to be seen.

Along with new characters Katarina and Claudio, Tekken 7 features two new gameplay mechanics: Rage Arts, powerful special moves that the player can use once his life gets low, and Power Crush, an offensive move that also absorbs the opponent’s attacks without interruption.

Here are the aforementioned business catalogs for Tekken 7:





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