Posted January 27, 2014 by Yuri Mangahas in Gaming

Get your game face on as Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter IV!

Can’t get enough Street Fighter IV? Looking forward to duke more Metsu Shoryukens and FADCs? Then this might be the game for you.

Hyped at EVO 2013 and officially announced this month, Ultra Street Fighter IV is the newest update to the enduring fighting game that was SFIV. As the ULTRA tag at the title suggests, Capcom promises that this latest patch will take playing SFIV to an entirely new level.

Previewed last night at the Taipei Game Show, the game features six brand new stages and five new characters to the roster(most of them coming from Street Fighter x Tekken): Hugo, Rolento, Poison, Elena and a yet to be revealed character. It was also announced that the gameplay was fixed and updated based on fan feedback. Most unblockable moves were removed, and a new type of attack called the Red Focus move will be introduced. Different from the standard Focus Move, it will have more invincibility hits than the latter. Another new mechanic added is the option of using both of the character’s Ultra Combos, at the cost of them dealing less damage than usual.

But what makes this game exciting is the inclusion of a direct replay feature via Youtube, allowing players to upload their matches via the said online streaming service with quality customization options.

The game is set to be released on arcades April 2014, on consoles June 2014, and on PC at August 2014. Stay tuned on Flipgeeks for more information regarding this upcoming game!

Photos courtesy of shoryuken.com.

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