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The future may have finally arrived as a video of a Hoverboard was posted online just a few hours. The Hoverboard  was first seen in the classic movie “Back to the Future II” . There has been a number of products released from the Back to the Future franchise. A few years ago, NIKE released the sneakers Marty McFly (Michael J Fox)wore in the movie, now the Hoverboard, whats next the DeLorean? I certainly hope so.

The video titled “BELIEF” was posted by HUVr  the company manufacturing the HUVr board. No specific details have been provided as of this time except that the its going to be released sometime December 2014. As per HUVr ‘s Facebook page they’ve released a couple of answers to popular questions asked about the HUVr board:

“Thanks for all your enthusiastic responses! We’ve received a lot of emails and comments, so we’d like to address the most popular questions:

1) Yes! This is real! We look forward to showing you just how real The HUVr is with a series of public live events coming soon to major US cities.

2) Yes! It is safe! Your safety is our highest concern. We wouldn’t release a product that wasn’t rigorously tested to the highest industry standards. When used properly, The HUVr is actually safer than riding a bike!

3) Pre-orders will be available within the month and we hope to ship in December of 2014. Yes, we will ship internationally!

4) We’re working with the manufacturer to bring the price point down to something everyone can afford. Based on your excitement, it’s looking like we can get there!

5) Yes, it’s as fun to ride as it looks!

-The HUVr Team”

There’s a lot of speculation going on-line about the Hoverboard/HUVr board. People are thinking that this might be a viral video/teaser for a possible new Back to the Future movie, a video game, a mobile app, a newer version of the self-lacing Nike shoes and who knows? As of this time your guess is as good as mine.  One thing’s for sure though, this might be something big as celebrities like Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd ), Moby and Tony Hawk are all appearing on this video.  We’re still a few months away from the release date of whatever product it may be but we’d keep you posted as this story develops.

For now lets all enjoy the video:


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