Posted July 21, 2015 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

SUPER AWESOME QUEST: A mobile game close to home.


Super Awesome Quest is an original free-to-play fantasy adventure game on mobile with a unique tile-flipping combat mechanic and an in-depth crafting system. Follow the adventures of three heroes – a Paladin, a Valkyrie, and a Mage – on their quest for honor, riches, and super awesomeness by fighting the hordes of the Undead Army, crafty kobolds, nefarious bounty hunters, dangerous dragons – and more.




New playable characters and upgradeable pets can be unlocked as players go through the story. There are dozens of enemy types to battle with by flipping tokens to attack. Through the game’s in-depth crafting system, players can make their own epic gear and personalize their heroes with hundreds of customization options. Other features include a non-stop survival mode called Awesome Arena, comparing progress with friends, and more.

Super Awesome Quest is not only a Filipino-made mobile RPG but it’s also a game that has full Tagalog localization! Its a mobile game that’s not only made my our fellow Filipinos but it has content that all of us could relate to!


Super Awesome Quest is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Learn more about Super Awesome Quest on their official website. You may also check out their Facebook page.

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