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SOUNDHOUND, Your Mobile Music Search Engine

Have you ever had that moment when you’re at a coffee shop or at the mall and you hear a song that you like but you can’t search for it because you don’t know the title? Or those moments when you hear a familiar song but you can’t remember the title? A few weeks ago a friend recommended a great mobile application that does this for you.

SoundHound is a mobile application that allows user to identify music by playing a song, singing or even by humming, yes you read it right, humming! Soundhound is powered by Sound2Sound technology which would enable to search music through professional recordings, live performances or like what I previously mentioned humming. SoundHound’s technology, dubbed Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System (MARS) uses pitch, tempo variation, speech content and pauses in order to recognize samples and search music.  SoundHound was launced by Melodis Corporation (now known as SoundHound Inc) under Chief Executive Keyvan Mohajer back in 2007 and funded by Global Catalyst Partners, TransLink Capital and Walden Venture Capital.

Its simple to use the app and I tried it myself a number of times. Let’s say you’re at your favorite coffee shop and you suddenly hear a song that you like. You simply open SoundHound, let it listen to the music and it would return back not only with the information about the track, the artist, the album it was from, it also gives you links to the artist social media sites like twitter, facebook, a youtube link if there was an official music video released for the song, lyrics and even an option to buy the song, all in one simple app. If the song is in SoundHound’s database, they’d definitely find the song for you and SoundHound has a pretty big database, according to their site they have more than 150 million downloads and about 5 million searches per day that’s just shows how much they’re capable of.


Soundhound is for music lovers and people who simply would like to discover new music.  SoundHound is available for free download at the Apple App Store, Google Play,Windows Marketplace and recently was also made available for the Blackberry 10 platform. SoundHound also has a paid version which has the same features minus the ads.

You can learn more at SoundHound’s official site.

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