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Our picks of comics (singles, TPBs, HCs OGNs, Blu-Rays & DVDs and Apparel) and what not that will be released weekly . We know that comic books and merchandise are expensive. But, we are here to guide you on what books & trade of geekery are great and worthy to buy.


Isn’t this the last Action Comics issue penned by Grant Morrison?

Action Comics  #15Writer: Morrison, Grant Artist: Morales, Rags Cover Artist: Morales, Rags Superman is on trial for his life – and the jury is the Anti-Superman Army! It’s the ultimate villains springing the ultimate trap at the end of time itself! And the mystery that has built since issue #1 is resolved as the Little Man’s true identity is revealed – with grave consequences! Plus, in the backup feature: A crucial piece of information is revealed! Format: COMIC Price: $3.99


Who the hell died?

Amazing Spider-Man #699
Writer: Slott, Dan Artist: Elson, Richard Cover Artist: Rivera, Paolo This is the MUST READ issue that turns over all the cards and reveals secrets that have been set as far back as ENDS OF THE EARTH, SPIDER-ISLAND, and 99 issues ago in ASM #600! Doctor Octopus has hours left to live. He knows Peter Parker’s secret. He has no master plan-all he wants is vengeance. Which members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery will heed Ock’s call to arms? Special appearances by the Lizard, the Spider-Slayer, Morbius the Living Vampire, and some surprising Spidey Foes Format: COMIC Price: $3.99


Still lovin’ these DC titles

Animal Man #15
Writer: Lemire, Jeff Artist: Pugh, Steve Cover Artist: Pugh, Steve “ROTWORLD: THE RED KINGDOM” part three! Trapped in a horrible future controlled by The Rot, Animal Man battles Grodd and his Gorillas in a city they’re claiming for their own! Frankenstein joins the fight! Guest-starring Steel and Black Orchid! Plus: Find out what happened to Maxine after Buddy left with Swamp Thing to enter Rotworld. Hint: It’s not good… Format: FC, COMIC Price: $2.99

Swamp Thing #15Writer: Snyder, Scott Artist: Rudy, Marco Cover Artist: Paquette, Yanick “ROTWORLD: THE GREEN KINGDOM” part three! Batman’s fate in the Rotworld is revealed! Guest-starring the inmates of Arkham Asylum who have been dramatically affected by battling the Green, the Red and the Rot! Format: FC, COMIC Price: $2.99


Hickman & Opena in THE Avengers title?! EPIC!

Avengers #1(W) Jonathan Hickman The greatest heroes in comics together on one unbeatable team! Now shipping twice a month, the Avengers “go large,” expanding their roster and their sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America puts out his call – who will answer? Big threats, big ideas, big idealism – these are the Avengers NOW! Format: COMIC Price: $3.99


Bendis is giving us one helluva Daredevil story

Daredevil: End of Days #3 (of 8)
Writer: Bendis, Brian Michael Artist: Janson, Klaus Cover Artist: Maleev, Alex The Deadly Tale of Daredevil’s Defining hour continues! Ben Urich tracks down Matt Murdock’s past loves to discover the secrets behind his death – but who is the new Daredevil tracking him? Some of the finest creators to ever tell Matt Murdock’s story continue the year’s smash hit! Format: LIMITED SERIES Price: $3.99


This Deadpool is truly fu*****n’ funny!

Deadpool #3Writer: Duggan, Gerry Artist: Moore, Tony Cover Artist: Darrow, Geof Deadpool vs. Dead Presidents…this time, TRICKY DICK NIXON! Can even Doctor Strange help the M w/the M? This is the Deadpool series you will marry someday! Format: FC, COMIC Price: $2.99


Layman is keeping this title alive

Detective Comics #15Writer:
Layman, John Artist: Fabok, Jason Cover Artist: Fabok, Jason A “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” tie-in! What has The Joker done with The Penguin? Guest-starring Poison Ivy and Clayface! Plus: In the backup story, learn the secret way to make it as a super criminal in Gotham City. Format: COMIC Price: $3.99


(Saw the cancellation notice) Such a shame… tsk tsk

Dial H #7
Writer: Mieville, China Artist: Ponticelli, Alberto Cover Artist: Bolland, Brian A new storyline begins as Nelson and Manteau are off to Europe in search of a relic that might hold the answer to their secret powers! Meanwhile, a powerful stranger arrives in Littleville to await their return. Format: FC, COMIC Price: $2.99


The bees-knees titles to get

Fury Max #7 Writer: Ennis, Garth Artist: Parlov, Goran Cover Artist: Johnson, Dave Col. Nick Fury gets an assignment that takes him to Vietnam. Frank Castle, before he became The Punisher, is tasked to help Fury assassinate a Viet Cong general. Format: COMIC Price: $3.99

Hawkeye #5 Writer: Fraction, Matt Artist: Pulido, Javier Cover Artist: Aja, David THE TAPE CONCLUDES! Someone has a deadly secret will change the course of Hawkeye’s relationship with the Avengers. Format: FC, COMIC Price: $2.99

Invincible #98(W) Robert Kirkman (A) Ryan Ottley (CA) Ryan Ottley, John Rauch ‘THE DEATH OF EVERYONE,’ Part One The countdown to issue #100 begins here – with the story that will change EVERYTHING for Invincible! Mark’s powers have finally returned, just in time for every life on Earth to rest in his hands. But what will happen when everyone learns that what is happening… is Mark’s fault? Format: COMIC Price: $2.99


Lovin’ Rucka!

Punisher: War Zone #2 (of 5) (W) Greg Rucka (A) Marco Checchetto, Marco Checchetto Kings take Castle. Now it?s his move! But the Punisher will soon find that it takes more than bullets to take out some of the Avengers’ biggest guns. Format: FC, LIMITED SERIES Price: $2.99

Stumptown #4Writer: Rucka, Greg Artist: Southworth, Matthew Cover Artist: Southworth, Matthew The new story arc from Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka and acclaimed artist Matthew Southworth continues! The skinhead thugs are back and they’ve broken in and trashed Dex’s office! But when Dex and Mim show up unexpectedly, it’s a high-speed chase through the streets of Portland that’s sure to wind up on TMZ! Format: COMIC Price: $3.99


F**K! A Must Get! An All-Mignola Hellboy book!!!

Hellboy In Hell #1Writer: Mignola, Mike Artist: Mignola, Mike Cover Artist: Mignola, Mike After saving the world in The Storm and The Fury, but sacrificing himself and Great Britain, Hellboy is dead, cast into Hell, where he finds many familiar faces, and a throne that awaits him. Mike Mignola returns to draw Hellboy’s ongoing story for the first time since Conqueror Worm. It’s a story only Mignola could tell, as more of Hellboy’s secrets are at last revealed, in the most bizarre depiction of Hell you’ve ever seen. Format: COMIC Price: $2.99


The continuation of one of the best mini-series titles that I liked last year.

Legend of Luther Strode #1 (of 6)Writer: Jordan, Justin Artist: Moore, Tradd Cover Artist: Moore, Tradd Luther Strode lives. Five years after losing everything, Luther has become more than a nightmare for the evil men in his city… he has become a legend. But somebody is hunting the bogeyman, and he has dangerous allies that Luther will never expect. Luther Strode lives; but for how long? The sequel to 2011’s breakout hit begins here! Format: LIMITED SERIES Price: $3.50


Captain-US President Sta– US President-Captai–… F**K! Here’s a Point One issue.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #18.1Writer: Humphries, Sam Artist: Ross, Luke Cover Artist: Komarck, Michael Can America recover after the dramatic events of United We Stand? President Cap takes charge! Thor’s momentous decision! Perfect jumping on point for new readers! Format: FC, COMIC Price: $2.99


More s**t to put in on my GEEK SHELF!

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Bendis Vol. 2 TP (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Chris Samnee & Various (CA) Kaare Andrews Meet the new Spider-Man! Given Nick Fury’s reluctant approval – and an actual Spider-Man costume by Spider-Woman – the Ultimate Universe’s new kid on the block is an insider now. But on top of all the responsibilities that come with his new powers, Miles Morales still struggles with all the problems of your typical teenager. And his father hates Spider-Man. Making matters worse, someone has figured out his secret – someone with secrets of his own. Miles’ Uncle Aaron – a.k.a. the Prowler – is back in town, and he’s got plans for his impressionable nephew. Little does he know the Scorpion is on his tail, and he’s about to feel his formidable sting! It’s a tragedy in the making – one Miles didn’t see coming and has no power to avoid. Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN (2011) #6-10. Format: TRADE PAPERBACK Price: $19.99

Batman No Mans Land Vol. 4: New Ed TP New Ed (W) Chuck Dixon, Dennis O’Neil In this final NO MAN’S LAND volume, Lex Luthor swoops in to help rebuild Gotham City – but his secret plan is to secure the ownership of much of the city’s real estate! In the chaos of the waning days of the city’s crisis, The Joker strikes, kidnapping a number of infants and killing members of the Gotham City Police Department. Collects BATMAN CHRONICLES #18, BATMAN #572-574, DETECTIVE COMICS #739-741, BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #125-126, ROBIN #73, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #93-94, AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT #59-61, CATWOMAN #75-77, NIGHTWING #38-39 and BATMAN: NO MAN’S LAND #0. Format: TRADE PAPERBACK Price: $34.99

B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth Vol. 4: Devil Engine & Long Death TP(W) Mike Mignola, John Arcudi (A) James Harren, Tyler Crook (CA) Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart Agent Johann, the ectoplasmic man, leads a special task force through the monster-filled Northwest woods in order to hunt down and kill the man he blames for leaving him a disembodied spirit. In the Southwest, agent Devon and the psychic crust punk Fenix form an uneasy alliance in order to escape a horde of giant bat-faced monsters. This arc continues the series Comics Alliance calls “one of the best books on the stands.” Format: TRADE PAPERBACK Price: $19.99


Hehehe. If you remember reading this in singles… Hehehe… Wala lang

Butcher Baker Righteous Maker HCWriter: Casey, Joe Artist: Huddleston, Mike Cover Artist: Huddleston, Mike THE SUPERHEROIC PERVERSION OF THE DECADE – NOW IN AN OVERSIZED HARDCOVER EDITION! At one time, Butcher Baker was the preeminent, All-American superhero. Now he’s… getting laid. A lot. But one last mission could signal his return to glory, and now he’s back on the blacktop! It’s a balls-out, pimp-slappin’, surreal super-epic from the twisted minds of JOE CASEY and MIKE HUDDLESTON! LOADED WITH ALL-NEW BACKMATTER MATERIAL! Collects BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER 1-8 Format: HARD COVER Price: $24.99


One of the best works of Ennis this year! F**k! Parlov’s art is awesome! Plus amazing and simplistic Dave Johnson covers rule!

Fury Max Vol. 1: My War Gone By TP(W) Garth Ennis (A) Goran Parlov (CA) Dave Johnson Garth Ennis (PUNISHER MAX, Preacher) and Goran Parlov (PUNISHER MAX) reunite to bring you the life of Marvel’s hardest soldier like no one else could. In the wake of WWII, Nick Fury is fast running out of battles to fight. But the world’s superpowers are gearing up for a new kind of war, and they’ll need a man like Fury to win it. Knee deep in the messy quagmire of 1950s French Indochina, Fury faces a war unlike any he has ever seen. Witness the most brutal battle ever put on a comic-book page! Then, it’s 1961, the Bay of Pigs invasion has begun, and Fury gets a new assignment: assassinate Fidel Castro! But when Fury and his team are captured in Cuba, find out just how far Nick Fury will go for his country. Collecting FURY MAX #1-6. Format: TRADE PAPERBACK Price: $16.99


Turtle in a half-shell – Turtle Power!

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1 TP(W) Kevin Eastman & Various (A) Jim Lawson (CA) Steve Lavigne Volume 1, with a new cover by Steve Lavigne, collects issues #1-4, which include the stories ‘A Tale of the TMNT,’ ‘Nobody’s Fool,’ ‘All Hallow’s Thieves,’ and ‘I, Monster.’ Read along again (or for the first time!) to enjoy the enormity of the Turtles’ universe. Format: TRADE PAPERBACK Price: $19.99


Carl wished for a Red Ryder BB Gun. Now, look what happened to him! I call bad parenting right there. Bad Daddy Rick!

The Walking Dead Omnibus, Vol. 4 HC Story by: Robert Kirkman Art By: Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn Price:$100Diamond ID:OCT120495On Sale:December 05, 2012Genres:Horror, ZombiesSeries:The Walking Dead This deluxe hardcover features 24 issues of the hit series, The Walking Dead, along with the covers for the issues all in one massive, oversized slip-cased volume. Perfect for long-time fans, new readers, and anyone needing a heavy object with which to fend off the walking dead! Collects THE WALKING DEAD 73-96 S&N EDITION $150.00

The Walking Dead Poster “No Way Out” Art By: Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn Price:$9.99Diamond ID:OCT120556On Sale:December 05, 2012Genres:Horror, ZombiesSeries:The Walking Dead 24×36 Relive your favorite moments from the most haunting chapter in the ongoing survival horror with this new poster… and always be reminded that there is NO WAY OUT.

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