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SUIT UP! with FlipGeeks (Episode 2 -Dec 02, 2011)

This Friday in Suit Up! Join Marybeth and the FlipGeeks boys – Tony and Earl. On Friday’s episode, Marybeth will talk about the “Million Volunteer Run” a fun run by the Philippine Red Cross with Ms. Arlyn Banks, Manager of Volunteer Services Philippine Red Cross. Also watch out for our short segment, which gives updates and news on upcoming movies, games, animation and comics! Suit Up! airs every Friday 12noon -1pm on Channel 8 (Destiny Cable) and Channel 1 (GSat, Southeast Asia).

Oh and last Monday, The Workplace (hosted by Marybeth Nave) featured Jan Pablo in their segment entitled “A Stuntman’s Life”. In which Jan talked about his story on how he started his career as a stuntman and how he later ventured in learning martial arts. Jan also brought his fellow Stuntmen/Martial Artists and later performed some Tai Chi moves and some Wu Shu Moves , that i tried and failed horribly! Check out some pics from Monday’s segment below:

The Workplace airs every Monday 12noon -1pm on Channel 8 (Destiny Cable) and Channel 1 (GSat, Southeast Asia). Now here are some wacky Kung Fu poses:

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