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REVIEW: Strum to the beat of Batman in ‘Dark Nights: Metal #3′



Story by: Scott “Sledgehammer” Snyder
Art by: Greg “Chaos Bringer” Capullo
Colors by: FCO “Overkill” Plascencia
Letters by: Steve “Word Warlock” Wands
Cover by: Greg “Chaos Bringer” Capullo
4.5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

Will our heroes finally find where Batman is? Or are they just delaying the inevitable.

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Batbatos has taken control of our heroes’ cities and is ready to tumble the Multiverse out of existence. Our heroes led by Kendra Saunders, Mr. Terrific, and Dr. Fate are trying to regroup to plan their next move. Running out of time, Superman answers the call of Batman in a dream. Will our heroes finally find where Batman is? Or are they just delaying the inevitable.

The team of Snyder and Capullo is fond of inserting panels that, at first glance, seems off and irrelevant in the story. But one thing I’ve learned from them is that all panels and pages have great importance to the “kick” of the book. When reading this Metal #3, always keep in mind what happened in the first page. It will definitely blow your mind.

The best way to describe DARK KNIGHTS : METAL #3 is a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs but its hard not to enjoy the ride. Just a word of caution, there are a lot of plot holes in the story. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that the story is exciting and it is worth reading. What I love most about Metal #3 is how it creates a concrete connection between the other tie-ins in this series, especially Gotham Resistance.

Despite the high grade that I gave and all its glory, there are still some things I would like them to improve on. First, Greg Capullo’s art could use a little cleaning up (just a little). His New 52 run is starting to become more distinguishable with this current story and I’m starting to like his art in the former. Second, Snyder has been very clear with the premise of the story—metals vibrating and an alternate multiverse. We’ve seen that nth metal plays a big role in this but it doesn’t seem like it’s the main focus. It leaves a disjunction between the story and the title because what we really have right now is a Dark Multiverse and a lost Batman. I would definitely like to see the involvement of the nth metals more in the next issue.

The sick twist at the end of  is a fall-off-your-seat moment. The way Scott Snyder integrates a lot of Batman mythology and cool trivia makes Metal a story one for the ages.

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