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REVIEW: The Family Trade #1



Story by: Justin Jordan, Nikki Ryan
Art by: Morgan Beem
Letters by: Rachel Deering
Cover by: Morgan Beem
3.5/ 5

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Concepts are very interesting; quirky art


Setup takes its time; story only starts to pick up towards the end of the issue

To sum it all up..

The Family Trade #1 is a comic about an island that’s secretly protected by a group of assassins. A fun one at that.

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THE FAMILY TRADE #1 written by Justin Jordan and Nikki Ryan with art duties done by Morgan Beem is a comic about an island that’s secretly protected by a group of assassins. A fun one at that.

Jordan and Ryan presents readers to the Republic of Thessala, better known as The Float, and an assassin named Jessa. From there, it’s established through Jessa’s TV show-esque narration that The Float is a land that’s different from the rest of the world and a land where a secret society protects it. The twist is that this society’s members are all under one big family. The concepts in here are really the meat of the comic and acts as a hook for the reader while Jessa and the rest of the occasionally humorous tone follow. This debut issue is paced fine but I honestly wasn’t all that hooked until it reached the ending.

Morgan Beem produces watercolor visuals that are quirky to look at especially how Jessa is easily recognizable as similar to Elektra from the Marvel Netflix shows but with curly hair. In almost every page, it’s easy to spot which character is to be focused on.

The Family Trade #1 boasts of neat ideas but its own setup may be the only downside as everything else only starts picking up towards the end of the issue. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that this comic has a lot of potential of being an intriguing and fun experience that’s sure to warrant your return for the next issue.

Carlos Alcazaren



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