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REVIEW: They are Superfriends in ‘Batman #36′



Story by: Tom King
Art by: Clay Mann
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
4.5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

Will Superman make the first move to save their relationship?

Posted December 7, 2017 by


Why didn’t Batman call Superman after getting engaged? Is the Big Blue crying over Batman not calling? Will this affect their relationship in the long run? The World’s Finest relationship is on the line? Will Superman make the first move to save their relationship?

Tom King delivers, once again, a heart-felt story between SUPER FRIENDS. In the course of his Batman run, Tom has redefined relationships between and amongst characters from Batman’s life. And this is what I love about Batman now—he is connected to his humanity now more than ever.


For the longest time, the relationship between Batman and Superman has been considered to be platonic because of their dissimilarities and their different ideologies. Tom King beautifully redefines their relationship by giving them more things in common. At the surface, it might not seem like a commonality, but Tom dug a story so deep that he found something in common between the two heroes (and yes its something more than just having mothers with the same name).

Clay Mann’s work is still prominent despite the sub par inking of Seth Mann. After following Clay’s work for a substantial amount of time, I came to recognize how Clay inks his works. For this, it is very evident that it wasn’t him who did the inks. There were some panels that looked off and I couldn’t seem to put the blame on Clay Mann.

Superfriends is a two-part story arc you shouldn’t miss. It gives more depth to an already rich relationship of Batman and Superman. I definitely recommend that you grab a copy of Batman #36. It’s a feel good story that is unusual for Batman titles.

Review by Paolo Ollero, co-founder of The Dark Knight Philippines, the premier Batman group in the Philippines

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