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DEVILROBOTS and tokidoki Toy Panel at APCC 2016

Day 2 of Asia Pop Comicon 2016 featured a plethora of special guests who fans had a chance to listen to as they sit down and talk about their work and even answer questions from the host and fans themselves.


First to grace the mainstage at APCC are Simone Legno — creative director and co-founder of the tokidoki ‘lifestyle brand’ — and Shinichiro Kitai — art director of DEVILROBOTS.

“In the 80s, Italy was really conquered by Japanese culture. … Every Italian knows. …”

Simon Legno talked about how Japanese culture is prevalent in Italy, that he had always been intrigued by it and have had plans to travel to Japan. He was very particular in identifying tokidoki as a lifestyle brand, applying the tokidoki style in thousands of different products including toys, apparel, and even collaborations with big fashion names like German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. He also considers Shinichiro as senpai and enjoyed his time with him in their collaborations. Shinichiro thinks that he and Simon are both ends of a spectrum, Simon in the west, and Shinichiro in the east.

“It’s always a sacrifice, it’s about defeat, it’s about learning and improving. …” “You have to be genuine, as a person. … In the end, being humble, being hardworking, and being kind to everybody, it’s always a way that pays back somehow. It’s karma.”

Simon shared some really good motivational advice for everyone in the room. Simon dreams of a tokidoki themepark. He mentions that he will not stop until he gets to that point of his career. Shinichiro on the other hand just wants to continue to do collaborations with Simone and expressed his desire to be a part of his theme park project.


The duo also expressed their interest in future collaboration with local industries. They’re quite fond of Jollibee. For more coverage on APCC 2016 and other major events, keep it here on Flipgeeks!

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