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Soul Sacrifice’s Gameplay Might Is Revealed Through EMOTIONS

Handheld titles like Monster Hunter, and most recently Ragnarok Odyssey for the PlayStation Vita, encourages customization and multiplayer co-op in taking down some of video games’ hard-hitting, high HP monsters. If one chooses to go solo and opt for the single player campaign, the overall experience will be pulled down by sequences where players have to travel from Point A to Point K to subdue a free-roaming beast capable of knocking characters with one Soul Sacrifice Characterfatal swipe or body slam.

Farming materials to upgrade equipment, signing up for quests, and farming materials AGAIN to upgrade equipment have become the selling points of Monster Hunter. Japanese players seem to take delight in pairing with some stranger and take down some of the game’s overpowered creatures. The rewards are often monochromatic plus, there’s no story to validate the existence of your character in Monster Hunter, besides doing a great job of exterminating excessively large monsters.

Traveling aimlessly, searching for loot and bragging rights may soon die after Keiji Inafune, the brains behind Mega Man, has announced Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita. Unlike Monster Hunter, Soul Sacrifice has an objective and the game’s pilot trailer shows characters casting destructive spells and facing monsters grotesquely designed to suit this dark, unforgiving RPG.

Check this action-packed trailer out!

So, what makes Soul Sacrifice different? Firstly, characters are severely dependent on magic spells, and without any information in regards with looting or fighting quest marks makes Soul Sacrifice more intriguing. According to Siliconera, foes encountered in the game are presented with soliloquies that made them the pitiful spawns of the Underworld that they are now.

For instance, a woman of noble origin was transformed into a flesh-eating Harpy because jealousy consumed her to the brink of madness. Darkness answered her call, and her metamorphosis is a testimonial to how twisted the world of Soul Sacrifice is. There are a lot of hideous bounties with tragic histories plastered in their faces, and it’s up to players to sacrifice or spare their corrupted souls.

This came from Sony’s cover story of Soul Sacrifice:

The twist is that when a squad member falls, the survivors have the option to either sacrifice them in return for a huge power-up, or revive the player and allow them back into the fray. The same mechanic also applies to fallen enemies – sacrifice them and your offensive attributes receive a boost, spare them and your defensive stats ramp up.

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