Posted November 6, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Gaming

XPlay Shut Down a DATABLITZ Store in Robinsons Ermita

A Datablitz store in Robinson’s Place Ermita was shut down by the stormtroopers and the empire authorities after complaints made by game distributor X-Play.ph (completely different from the G4TV show ‘Xplay;).

According to the report from GMANetwork.com the Datablitz shop was closed down because they were allegedly selling ‘pirated games’. One game in particular was cited as the source of XPlay’s complaint that being NBA 2k13.

Reports state that XPlay holds the exclusive rights/ distributorship/ license for the game which makes all the other ‘legit’ NBA 2k13 products ‘pirated’.

As of press time the staff for the Datablitz branch is being held by authorities. Some facebook reports have also been swirling that the store assistants have been mugged shot for profiling (which doesn’t make sense hypothetically, but being that we live in the Philippines, all hell breaks lose).

No comment yet on X-Play.ph.

Earl Maghirang