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BEST OF COMICS 2011: Best Comic Book Movie

In the past few years,  a lot of comics were adapted on to the big screen, and last year was no exception. Which of them is your #1 pick for the BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE? Did it stay true to its comic book origins? Was it a great adaptation or was it just that bad? Well, here are our top picks for the BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE –

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X-Men First Class

Tony – This movie really surprised me when it came out, I had doubts about this movie when I first saw the trailers and other promo stuff they had. I thought the movie looked cheap, the cast looked awful and based on what I’ve seen from the previous X-movies – I thought this movie will be a disaster, a B-class movie. But I was wrong, the premise and the story captivated me immediately and I really enjoyed the whole movie. It had fun, a bit of drama, the story was really that GREAT even if the origin story differs from the comic books – but it did a great job in exploring the world of the Mutants, the characters, friendship between Xavier and Magneto, and their struggle to live with the rest of humanity, in this case, their introduction to the world. Lastly Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw) and James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) did a great job, especially Michael Fassbender who did an awesome take on Magneto.

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Norby - Thor was an amazing film. It had some antics of comedy, drama and geek love for all the Thor readers and geeks fans. The costume production did a great job. The best performances in the film was by Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins. Why? Hemsworth shows his physique that just magnets and increases tiucket sales from the eyes of women. Hopkins made us forget that his height was not sufficient for the role of the high god – Odin. It had some memorable moments, like Stan Lee and JMS cameos, and the rage of Thor where he couldn’t pick up Mjolnir. What I didn’t like were I wish we could have more development on Natalie Portman’s character and the production value of the small town. It just looks not believable to be a true town. Yet in all that, the story was great. Kenneth Branagh, you will be missed in the making of the second installment.

Tony —This movie proves that you don’t have to focus on the origins of the main character to make the movie work.  First it has an awesome cast — I LOVE Natalie Portman, swabe acting by Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba as Heimdall is cool even if he doesnt say much haha, Chris Hemsworth did a great job as Thor (surprisingly for me hehe)… but for me Tom Hiddleston (Loki) was the best of them all. Good and simple story, great intro for people who doesn’t know much about Thor and Asgardians. Great visual effects, good action – I still feel that the battle between Thor and the Destroyer was lackluster, had humor. All in all , it was a very enjoyable movie and definitely deserves to be on top of Marvel movies ever created.

The Adventures Of Tintin

Tony – – I grew up reading Tintin books, and watching them on TV so I had high expectations for this film, especially since Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are in this together. And they didn’t disappoint! Peter Jackson really did know what he was doing, and what I saw from the big screen was an EXCELLENT adaptation of the Tintin books. From start to finish it had action, fun and humor, an air of mystery that is also present in the books. But what really captivated me was the quality of Animation, and watching it in IMAX really made the visuals very beautiful. Oh and one last thing, the action present here in the movie, is unlike anything you’ve read in the Tintin books, the amount of excitement, explosiveness and adventure in the movie made me remember films like Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean and other great adventure films. Tintin is probably the BEST comic book movie last year.

Captain America

Tony — Good movie, I first thought that this was gonna be a pro-US movie but I was wrong. I really loved the first part — exploring Captain America’s origins especially the life of Steve Rogers and who Cap really is. The second was kinda meh for me, I thought Red Skull and Hydra was just okay. For me, it seemed that the 2nd part, and as the story reaches its climax, I thought it was just mediocre. Good movie, but I won’t put it on top of X-Men: First Class and Thor.

Norby — I just want to write that all dialogue of Steve Rogers/Captain America in this film was absolutely perfect and heartfelt. Just like what Tony mentioned above, those were also the same thing I have in mind on their faults. Nevertheless, I really like this film and they’re execution on this Marvel character. SPOILER: Bucky is not dead.

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