Posted September 24, 2010 by Tony Tuason in Comics

Trailer: All Star Superman Animated Movie

DC is on freakin roll !! With releases of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths , Batman: Under the Red Hood and the upcoming Superman/Batman: Apocalypse for this year alone, DC is not showing any signs of a slowdown when it comes to Animated Films. Upcoming projects were already announced earlier this year, like the upcoming Batman: Year One and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and All Star Superman.

All Star will be the next to come out, and with Dwayne McDuffie writing the comic book adaptation of one of the best superman, and yes one of the greatest superhero comic book story created by Grant Morrison (author), Frank Quitely (art) and Jamie Grant (colors). With a release date of February 22, 2011 , DC has already given us a trailer. Though we still don’t know if the film will be faithful to the original, especially regarding Superman’s 12 labors, its still exciting to see that All Star is getting the animated movie treatment it deserves. Check out the trailer below !!!

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