Posted January 24, 2013 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

Is a Gender Swapped Jimmy Olsen a Good Thing?

Rumor has it that Warner Bros. Pictures‘ upcoming “Man of Steel” will feature a gender swapped/bent Jimmy Olsen playing the ‘pal’ card with Henry Cavill’s Superman. My question is, “is that a good thing?”

According to the rumors, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will feature actress Rebecca Buller who was listed unofficially as a Daily Planet employee. She’s even seen somewhere in the trailer being hauled by Laurence Fishburne who plays the role of an African-American Perry White.

For a movie as grand as Man of Steel IMHO gender swapping Jimmy Olsen for a ‘Jenny Olsen’ might do some good. Admit it, the Jimmy Olsen from the old movies didn’t feel like he was Superman’s pal. It felt like the guy was cast simply to play the part but does nothing to move the story. Throughout the Superman movie history, all the Jimmy’s (that sounded pretty bad) were just Superman fanboys.

I’m all for the gender swap if its going to make things more light or make things more interesting. Remember the casting of Kat Dennings over at Marvel’s “Thor” did wonders for the exchanges. Some of the more funnier bits in that movie were actually relegated to Dennings and her interaction with either Natalie Portman or Chris Hemsworth. Maybe Warner is doing the same thing with the addition of a female Olsen.

At the moment there’s no real confirmation that the rumors are true be that as it may, we should’ve seen big changes the moment they announced that Fishburne would be Perry White as opposed to casting a white actor. At the end of the day, the studio seems hell-bent on delivering quality over quantity.

Also if you’ll remember “Superman Returns” had Sam Huntington who did nothing whatsoever other than just inform Clark Kent of whats happened to the people he’s left behind after his sabbatical to Krypton. After that, poof, he’s gone.


Earl Maghirang