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Eight People You’re Most Likely to Encounter When a Superhero Flick is Showing

Michael Shannon

Hi guys! I’m Toby, one of the latest additions to the FLIPGEEKS crew. First off, let me just say that most of the stuff I’ll be posting will be opinionated and based from experiences (still concerned with geekdom, of course). Definitely, I will also be making reviews.

Pardon me for digressing–let’s get into it!

Man of Steel” started showing in theaters last week, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people cut classes and went on half-day leaves just to have bragging rights for being one of the first to see the movie (and cause hell on social media sites by spoiling key points). Honestly, I enjoyed it, but felt something was missing, which took me a day later to realize. However, this isn’t a movie review. Although, the mixed reviews of the said film (even “Iron Man 3“) inspired this article.

Without further adieu, here are people you will most likely encounter when “Super-movies” are showing:

1. The “Demigod” or “The Know-it-all”

Like a boss, this guy is.

Do not waste any time trying to win an argument with this kind. They will lecture you on why the film ruled (or sucked) because they have the best of both worlds: they read comics and play video games (both occasionally), and they attended film school and/or works in the film industry.

Pros: May be the best people to ask for recommendations when it comes to expanding your knowledge. They definitely know what they’re talking about.

Cons: Their adeptness will (more often than not) come off as arrogance. They tend to say more than necessary.

2. Master A: Comics Buff

How I feel when I’m surrounded by people who talk of made-up s**t about the movie.

Or video games. Whichever you prefer. But I’ll stick with comics, just because it’s convenient.

In a lot of cases, they will know more than The Demigod when it comes to the source material because they avidly collect comics. As much as possible, they have to have every existing issue (which also translates to them knowing almost every facet of titles being made into film).

Pros: Their knowledge about the source material knows no bounds. Noobs who loved the movie could be guided by them to good existing material in book form.

Cons: They have a high probability rate of lambasting the film due to changes in the source’s content (see: fan rage).

3. Master B: Film Buff

He took secondhand smoking to a different level.

Criticizes the film based on shot selection, the script, production design, the works. Basically, it’s just what everyone sees on the silver screen explained in excruciating detail and theories. (Useless fact: some of my friends dissed Thor because of Kenneth Branagh’s canted shots.)

Pros: Hmm…

Cons: Tends to take out the fun in viewing movies. In some cases, becomes the only one liking what the majority abhors.


4. Mr. SFX

A tank exploded! Well worth my 200+ Pesos!

Or people who automatically equate superhero flicks to adrenaline-ridden action flicks. Nothing wrong with demanding high-intensity action, but this kind looks at nothing but the special effects.

Pros: Nothing, really. Probably just because they paid to watch the movie. Easily impressed by visuals.

Cons: They will forego almost every other element in the film. Screw the cast, the script, the director–everything! One of the main causes why Philippine Cinema is relegated to regurgitated rom-coms.

5. The Groupies

Have you ever paid more than Php 500 to watch a movie? No? Neither have I. However, I encountered someone before who bought an Avengers shirt just because she’s watching The Avengers (no, really).

There’s really nothing wrong with buying merchandise, especially if you really are a fan of the title. But nothing screams “yes-I’m-watching-Batman” like a pair (or group) wearing matching shirts.


Pros: Livens up the franchise. Makes you feel you’re attending a social gathering/concert.

Cons: It’s not a concert. It’s a dark theater, where the attention is directed to the screen. It’s not like Chris Hemsworth’s gonna flash you a smile for wearing that shirt.


Thor smiles after all

Foolish mortal spectators, plastering my face on their tunics…

6. The Douche


Need I say more?

Could amalgamate with any of the other kinds to form another. Their only common denominator is that they will not respect others’ opinions, even if they’ve been schooled.

Pros: Target practice. Villain reference. A person to make you feel better about yourself, because you didn’t end up like The Douche.

Cons: Almost everything, save for the pros.

7. The Gawkers

Honestly, I love this kind. They make life more amusing. Their kind will notice (most of the time) the stars in the film, not the roles they’re in. They’ll notice Henry Cavill’s bulging lats, and how Laurence Fishburne packed on some pounds since his heyday as Morpheus.

Henry Topless

This image got a lot of people going like: (click the link below)

Vampires Suck – Look at that (please open this in a new tab. Thanks! :))

Pros: It’s like being with Regina George!

Cons: Nada. Gotta love ‘em.

8. The Clueless 

Ghost Rider

How I normally am when people talk about cars and computer specs.

There is no need to expound on what this person is. Either they’re oblivious or sleeping while watching the movie, thus making them unaware of further discourses regarding the movie.

Pros: Like Mr. SFX, they just paid for their ticket.

Cons: When asked how the movie was, they’ll tell you it sucked (but that’s because they were asleep–true story).


With that diverse pool of people, who can really tell you if the movie was good or not? I believe the real answer would be: none. For with all your expertise,  you can’t convince someone that Man of Steel was good if the said person just loves hapless comedy films (and vice versa). I guess what really matters is, in the end, if you enjoyed it or not.

Toby Alejandria