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MOVIE REVIEW: Will “EDGE OF TOMORROW” Bring You To The Edge Of Your Seat?

From Warner Bros. Pictures, “Edge of Tomorrow” brings us another sci-fi movie which promises a lot of action, new concepts, and mechs. It features Tom Cruise (Minority Report, Oblivion) and Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau, Looper) to provide that star power, but was everything in the movie enough to take us to the edge of our seats? Minor Spoilers ahead..

In the start of Edge Of Tomorrow, humanity is at the brink of success in their war against alien invaders called “Mimics”. The earth forces are planning a final assault since they think they’re gonna win and end the war. A demoted Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) gets mixed in the middle of things as he wakes up in the middle of the camp and found his way in the supposedly final battle. Things didn’t really turn out that well for the invading human forces. A struggling Cage, fights desperately and meets the war hero Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) who was killed shortly after.  Cage eventually dies after killing an alien which later on is called “Alpha”, but soon wakes up alive and well in the middle of the camp, in the same spot he was earlier in the day.

Live, Die, Repeat. Time travel is definitely the main concept touched upon by the movie. The movie starts off in the heat of things, and there’s no question that a lot of questions will strike you, especially “how the hell can the alien manipulate time and existence?!“. But, it’s a question that we are forced to leave out as the movie progresses and shows us that we should just enjoy the film. Surprisingly, they did a good job of making it entertaining and quite enjoyable!

The bulk of the film shows Cage go by trial and error, day by day, death by death until he succeeds in bringing down the big bad called “Omega”. We see him progress from a newbie to a full mecha warrior! Oh and you know that Tom Cruise is one of the actors that can run well and look awesome at the same time? Well, he did a good job in this one while wearing a robotic suit! Tom Cruise’s acting was great, nothing really special, it’s just like Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise in his action films. While Blunt, looks so hot and amazing. Blunt plays a strong character in  the sword-wielding Vrataski, and she looked really great playing her.

The story was plain and simple, and was only injected with aliens, mech suits and the concept of time travel to make it more special. The film doesn’t even try to exceed expectations and to wow audiences in a big way, but they succeeded in making things look cool, action-packed and making the time travel thing work out. One thing that is worthy of mentioning is how the script did very well on those time travel scenes especially on the pace they executed it. Example, at first we see Cage go through a lot of things earlier in the day, and then when he repeats, we see another different scene which implies that he’s found a way to move forward from his roadblocks. The movie really did well in explaining things, and that was really crucial since they’re revolving  in the “Live.Die.Repeat” concept.

Some facets of the film are the humor and romance. The humor was very good, especially when you see Cage die over and over again in a different way. Some scenes were just hilarious! Although, the romance part was a bit forced and unnecessary, but could’ve been placed there just for the sake of the ending (which I won’t spoil!).

Is it a super stellar movie that will blow your mind? No. But, is it a movie that will take you at the edge of your seat? Yes. It has different concepts which you haven’t seen in any movies, but tames it down to the right level of entertainment that we’re going to definitely enjoy. It has strong build up towards the end with a huge amount of action and adrenaline that would definitely pump you up. Definitely a must-watch when it comes out in theaters this June 5!



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