Posted October 23, 2010 by Timzster in Movies/TV

Take a look at the Daft Punk Tron Legacy Poster!

Slash Film and Walt Disney Pictures have released a new Tron: Legacy poster featuring none other than the hit French electronic dance group, Daft Punk! If the name sounds familiar, it should. After all, they’re the ones that did great songs like “One More Time” and “Digital Love“!

The duo have a starring role in the upcoming December released film, and have also done the soundtrack for the movie as well! As a result, the new animated poster you see above features Daft Punk in Tron attire, and it was revealed in the Tron:Legacy official soundtrack’s website. For more details on the movie and info on the soundtrack, which gets released on December 7th, visit Slash Film!

Tron: Legacy opens its doors to a video game world on December 17!


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