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Green Lantern Update: Wonder-Con Footage online and a new poster revealed!

Warner Bros. has been a little quiet in regards to promoting their newest DC superhero flick coming out this year, Green Lantern, but all that changed when the weekend brought about this year’s Wondercon in Las Vegas, which gave the makers and its primary cast a chance to talk about the film and screen some new sneak peek footage that fans in attendance really got excited about! Before we get into details about that report, a new poster also made its debut to coincide with the promotions!

Now this poster looks more intriguing than the initial ones presented before! It’s a wonder how Ryan Reynolds could make the film work after initial reactions to the first trailer were mixed, but there’s renewed promise that the film may just do well after everything that went down at the Wondercon. Basically, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were in attendance at the GL Panel and answered a lot of questions concerning the film and its content. For one thing, it’s confirmed that a new trailer will be shown in screenings of Thor, so those looking forward to more GL action before the film arrives in June should be excited for this news. Secondly, both stars went on to describe how they prepared for their roles in the movie, as well as inquiries concerning the story and what the future holds for Mr. Reynolds in regards to other superhero flicks *wink wink*. I won’t spoil the details, but if you want to know the breakdown of what happened, you can check out the details at Slash Film, or see an uploaded vid of the presscon via YouTube (while it’s still up that is). Oh, and there’s the abridged version of the footage screened courtesy of Apple, so check it out now before anything else! SPOILER MODE ON HERE!
Green Lantern lights up and shines his emerald power on theaters this June 17!

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