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LEGION: The Impeccable, Yet Unhinged Grasp of One’s Mind

Finishing the first episode of Legion has changed my perception on superpowers and superheroes. With time and space revolving around us, it would seem like we often take each second for granted and suddenly we come to a point where we recall those small, mundane bits and realize that we didn’t actually live that moment, but rather, let it pass like other memories. Perhaps it was willpower that allows us to remember and forget things. However, memories, whether good or bad, enable us to reevaluate life, giving a clearer perspective on deciding for the future or to any phases of time and now this comes to question: Does our subconsciousness creates an ability to expand the perception that we could potentially control?


Throughout the show, David Haller’s narrative is told in different time periods. Being diagnosed by schizophrenia as seen to his inconsistent talks makes his time in psyche ward further extended, but despite of the findings that have matched David’s, the pilot goes further into details – there’s more than just the illness, what if it’s an underlying power that has yet to be uncovered?

Now that we have discussed David’s distorted memories, perhaps we can compare the power that underlies the latter’s condition to our own capacity to see what we want? The inaccuracies that we unconsciously intended to edit out some things felt uncomfortable, the imperfections that left us unhinged. The emotions that engineers us to take on the moment of those memories for instance, the frustrations of those episodes of failure, or probably the setbacks we face. Worse, it comes to the point in a state of regret, taking back the time that you wished had done something but once is done becomes a history, a manifestation of your anguish.


But all those cognitive factors are just a part of your inability to take control, and that control is where you can do something about and actually has yet to surface and finally take a grasp.

Time management is something that is a part of me, a trait that I always find a struggle regardless of how vacant or tight my schedule is. As of March 6, 2017 at 11:30 P.M. to be exact, I haven’t followed the “to-do” list that I have plotted the night before, which somewhat left me behind schedule with my tasks. I could’ve done something about those required readings at grad school. Sadly, I felt that my mind was sidelined into another avenue of many other things running through my head: nostalgia, confusion, distractions and such things that doesn’t completely make sense in layman’s terms, this would be an abstract but in my case more of a distorted, disorganized collective of thoughts that I couldn’t put together in my head. All the drowsiness, that urge to get back to work, it felt like my mind is trapped in another dimension or area but hopefully not taken over by someone else’s or is just I truly lost control completely?


March 7, 2017 at 11:04 P.M. I found myself staring at my laptop again, and again. My mind completely boggled, slightly behind my schedule and soon enough, bound to become a pile of imminent deadlines where things go spiral out of control. When David had met his one of his wards in the mental institute, Syd Barrett, he found his strange connection, at first it seemed love interest but appears to be a body swap but some of his memory is still intact and so does Syd’s. While I have found this quite confusing, guess I’ll rewatch the first episode.

To put it simple, it all goes back to the notion of control, our mind and its strange, unspeakable things. Sometimes we’re at our best and most of the time, either in a blurry or unwanted place but however, there is only a way to overcome it: take control, focus and you will harness the ability to reach beyond potential and your own authenticity and ability.

Legion airs every Thursday, 8PM, only on Fox Philippines. Special thanks to our friends from FOX.

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