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BEST OF COMICS 2011: Best Marvel Book

Hello there true believers!! Here’s our top picks for the Best Marvel book for 2011. This was based purely on the Flipgeeks team’s insights together with inputs from our friends from The Comic Book Group on Facebook.

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Tony Mark Waid teamed up last year together with Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera to produce the best and most refreshing take on Marvel’s Man without fear: Daredevil. The book is a bit of  being a ‘light-hearted’, but there’s still a bit of a depressing mood, and that’s why this new relaunch is really interesting. But even if it the book is a bit new, it is a top contender for last year’s best marvel book.

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Uncanny X-Force

Earl — Under Rick Remender‘s writing, the mutant kill squad was created to take out threats to mutantkind and that includes their fellow mutants among others. For 2011, Remender put the team through the ringer by making long-standing X-Force member Warren Worthington III aka Archangel become evil in the “Dark Angel Saga”.

Oh and then there was that time the team crossed over to the Age of Apocalypse universe in order to find the life seed that would basically restore Warren to his former good self. And that time they had to face the new Apocalypse for that dimension which happens to be Weapon X. Overall, there were a lot of good moments in this book which is why Uncanny X-Force should be part of the best Marvel book for 2011.

Tony — 2011 was a terrific year for Uncanny X-Force, from the end of the ‘Apocalypse Solution’ arc until ‘The Dark Angel Saga’, its been quite a freakin’ ride! The team consists of Wolverine, Psylocke, Archangel, Fantomex, Deadpool and features Deathlok too. Though at first you might re-think about this book when you knew that there are characters here that you might have never cared for like — Fantomex (loved this character since Morrison’s New X-men run), Deathlok (1/2 Psycopath – 1/2 Cyborg from the future) and Psylocke (Oh just admit it that you only cared for her body!) — but this book is so great and well written that I now love these characters more than ever! Although its a team book, it does a great job in focusing on each member, and the characters remain faithful on their true selves (especially on Fantomex!), so good job! Uncanny X-Force is black ops, the X-men’s hit squad, it doesn’t feature your regular superheroics, it has blood, it has gore, VIOLENCE TO THE MAX and still manages to maintain a great quality of storytelling. This is MY TOP MARVEL BOOK for 2011 — it has Blood and Gore, Jaw Dropping moments, Heroism and since issue #1 it has been very Memorable.

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Amazing Spider-Man

Tony — Last year, ASM became a  twice-monthly book under Dan Slott, and though they increased the price tag they added 8 pages per issue. Since then it has been a solid read and really worth the price, it hat good quality stories under its “Big Time” banner and a lot of people loved the recent event – “Spider Island”.

Fantastic Four

Tony — Jonathan Hickman’s run has been fantastic in his run with Marvel’s First family – The Fantastic Four. Breathing in new stories, ideas in the book, and setting up the book for a much bigger story makes this book a must-read every time it hit the stands. It had ‘Three‘, Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch apparently died, which also lead to formation of the FF aka Future Foundation and the inclusion of Spider-Man to the team.


Norby — When Marvel announced that there will be a Venom comic and then featured the point one issue featuring the former 90’s Marvel villainous symbiote, I told myself to give it a try, and surely I very well enjoyed it. With Rick Remender and Tony Moore appointed to be the creative cast. It encouraged me more to never doubt on it. As this past year came along, We get to know the life of Flash Thompson. As the vessel of Venom, we get to see his limits of control, focus and anger while things get hectic. This is one of the Marvel solo series that I’ll never let go.

Journey Into Mystery

EarlI put this on the top book from Marvel simply because I love how Kid Loki operates. He’s still the trickster but he’s no longer got malice in his heart (let’s leave the old malicious and evil Loki in that creepy magpie/ raven shall we?).  Under Keiron Gillen’s writing, the book has gained a revolving cast of characters such as the creepy residents of Hel, who got drafted in Loki’s mission to save his brother Thor in “Fear Itself”. He’s a cute kid, with a bigger mind and a bigger mission. Really interesting read.

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