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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Justice League #1

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Justice League #1

Norby’s Take:

First, I have to admit, that I’m not much of a DC reader. I do read some of their miniseries though and have general knowledge on some of their characters. Mostly, I do read their Vertigo line. Since that DC is going to give me and other people a new start with their ‘The New 52′ campaign. Here I am, reading their first blood – Justice League #1. As a new reader for DC Comics, the story was kind of flaccid and average. Of all the members of the Justice League, we only get to see four. However, the issue gave me some interests on it’s introduction though. It introduces us that superhuman/superheroes in this new DC universe were perceived unknown and mysterious. While reading, the art and the coloring was kind of distracting. Maybe, it’s because it’s not the usual coloring that I usually see with when reading other comic books. It wasn’t that dark. Jim Lee’s art was okay. It didn’t ‘wow’ me with his hatches. Overall, DC’s first book for their new campaign is a strike for me. But, I would still try the second issue because I would still give it another chance because, it gave me some interest, due to it’s introduction on the first page and to the cliffhanger on the last page.

Earl’s Take:

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee sure picked a winner when it came for them to choose which project to work on. The new Justice League book built a lot of hype especially because of the superstar tag team that worked on the book.

Was I happy about Justice League # 1? Yes of course, I consider myself happy especially since the book started fast and hard with Batman being chased by the authorities in the rooftops of Gotham City. But there were some problems I encountered with regards to the story.

One of the biggest problems I haven’t fully anticipated when I opened the book was the backstory. While we were already looking at the formation of the Justice League there were some things that has been established that we haven’t witnessed just yet. While that particular way of telling stories is a good thing, DC Comics forgot that this was supposed to be their flagship title or at the very least their real star and as such they should still give in something that both old fans as well as new might thoroughly enjoy.

Artwise, its Jim Lee so its supposed to be good and quite surprisingly, it really is. From the dark and gothic rooftops of Gotham to sunny Metropolis, theres just enough life and dynamism in Lee’s art that will leave DC fans floored.

There were times that I would have called the book a real “MEH” but after two more rounds of reading the issue, I found it passable enough to say that its a “GOOD BUY”. One minor gripe though is that the book is entitled Justice League but we only meet four of the Big 7. Still, pretty decent though.

You might want to check my spoilers for Justice League to find out who you’ll see in the first issue.

Tony’s Take:

Justice League #1 is the first book that came out for the DC’s relaunch. With Geoff Johns and Jim Lee working on the book, more reason to get the book. But is it really worth it?

If you haven’t given up on reading DC books when news of the relaunch came out? then YES. If you really just want to explore and read good comics about these iconic characters? DEFINITELY YES! Although the first issue showcases 4 of its members only, and setting up the rebooted characters and the state of superheroes in the DCU, it doesnt really pack “the punch” to make it awesome — ESPECIALLY THE LAST PAGE! I’ve been following Johns’ Green Lantern ever since, and he’s been the master of WTF moments on last pages, but in this issue it was just meh. The personalities of the characters in the book are great, though I admit that its gonna have to be hard to get used to this new Superman. In the Art department, Lee’s work looks great. Lee’s rendition on GL’s constructs are awesome too! its not the usual beams of light, and dome structure for a shield. Storywise, the character’s history and background were delivered very well, and what I loved with this book is the interaction of the characters, especially Batman and GL.

Basically, JL#1 is just a setup, and I have faith in Johns’ that he has something big planned for this book. Though Johns’ writing has been criticized as overrated, but for me its simple and fun. So I’m gonna say lets stick with the book and see how it goes! There’s still Wondy, Flash and Aquaman!

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