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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Justice League Dark # 9

Reviewing Justice League Dark # 9 by Jeff Lemire and Mikel Janin

Jeff Lemire starts his run on JLD and he makes sure on his promise of providing a “league” that connects not just to the general DCU but also an extension of the Justice League.

This is issue is packed with great art courtesy of Mikel Janin and at the same time some top-notch dialogues thanks to the able scripting of Lemire. I wasn’t really expecting a lot from this book but imagine my surprise upon seeing a cohesive team that are taking down mystical bad guys. The biggest thrill however was seeing aforementioned team being led by John Constantine.

In a big splash page that shows all of the team members, Constantine introduces each member of his team and referring to them as how a manager or emcee at a rock concert would introduce the rock band. Definitely made me remember the small fact that Connie was modeled after the artist Sting back when he was still in a band and had lots of hair. (Never mind that mental picture you have of Keanu Reeves from the film “Constantine”).

The biggest disappointment in this book however was the lack of actual “heavy hitters” in this team book. Yeah we’ve got Constantine and Zatanna but Madame Xanadu bailed in the book after being invited to join the team. However, lets give Lemire a couple of issues as this is just really him starting in the book. He did say that he has plans for the team so lets just wait and see.

You really should pick up the book because its got a quality dose of action, mystery and even a dash of intrigue thanks to the team’s connection to the Black Room as well as John Constantine’s interest in what’s being kept inside this mysterious magical room.

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