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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Secret Avengers #21.1

Reviewing Secret Avengers # 21.1 by Rick Remender and Patrick Zircher.

I loved this point one book because of certain things. I’ve been following all the Marvel books that Rick Remender has been writing up to this point (yes, even Doctor Voodoo) as well as the fact that you’ll never be wrong with Secret Avengers because its a constantly entertaining book and still ranks  Number 1 in my list of “Heroic Age” books which are highly recommended.

Now with the combination of Rick Remender together with Secret Avengers, which is kinda apt because Remender is pretty good at writing stories about covert op groups (Uncanny X-Force) or clandestine operations done by a person (Venom).

The first issue for his highly anticipated run begins with old problems with a new leader. Being that Secret Avengers leader Steve Rogers had reluctantly returned to the role of Captain America, the team is without a leader. Good thing Steve plans on making fellow Avenger Hawkeye the new leader and they hit the field for a test of sorts.

Things get hot and then goes from bad to worse until Cap is struck down and the main baddies for this issue makes himself known. Cap would’ve been a goner if not for the timely intervention of Hawkeye.

If this is what we should be expecting every month from Rick Remender and the rest of the creative crew, I might just have to break my vow of trade waiting for this title and start picking it up every month. It’s that good, actually I was expecting great things but I wasn’t expecting it to be this good.

If your a standard fan and you’re not so happy with the departure of Ed Brubaker from the title, then you might want to go and pick this title up because its still the same espionage and drama that’s been leftover from Brubaker’s run. Another great thing about this is the fact that its still the same group of enemies again leftover from the Brubaker run including good ol’ Max Fury.

Generally speaking, based on this issue alone, its a safe bet that on a monthly basis, we would be able to see some knuckle dusting action together with a nice amount of drama and layered mystery. The stuff that makes Secret Avengers a must-read even if your not so into the whole Avengers book.

Verdict: Because of the great dialogue by Remender plus that kick-ass art done by Patrick Zircher, I’m giving Secret Avengers # 21.1 a solid 10/10.

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