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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1

Yes, there is a new Spider-Man. Yes, he has a new Spidey costume. Yes, he is not white. But, not in the Marvel universe, but in the Marvel Ultimate universe. When Peter Parker died, some people were so negative about: ‘Oh, don’t worry! He’ll live again’. They’re dead wrong. Hearing from Brian Michael Bendis in a podcast he let out: Peter Parker is dead. Period. From my view, that’s a ‘Yey!’. But, not to some people. So. who will take the mask and be the next Spider-Man? From Ultimate Fallout, his name is Mile Morales. Reading Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 was just good book to start for all eyes new readers and for the fans of the neighborhood friendly web-slinger.

Bendis sets it in almost a year ago, way before the ‘Death of Spider-Man’ arc happened. He tells about the life of Miles Morales. He narrated the boy’s life with his family – the over-pressured mom, sibling problems between his father and his uncle. Bendis didn’t skip a beat rolling out the set-up and the mood of story. He did it even without having thought boxes of Miles. The character of new Spider-Man is still a mystery and Bendis hasn’t fully revealed him yet. The lines and reactions given to Miles was good and realistic as to any teenager. Except by getting bitten with a power-harbored spider. Through out the issue, Bendis build on his supporting casts, basically Miles family, for it could add a more depth and story in future issues.

Let me say, when I saw the video of Sara Pichelli doing pages for this issue. I was just truly amazed . Even to that after looking in this sure. I grew beyond amazement. Pichelli is the right artist for this title and these characters. Even though that there’s not much superhero stuff happening here, Pichelli gave a good distinct and consistent detail that makes it right in each character in the book.

This first issue is probably a good issue for a new Spider-man to be introduced without having the character fight in a Spidey costume. We’ve seen already one here. I can’t wait to see more.

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