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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Ultimate Comics The Ultimates # 3

Reviewing Ultimate Comics The Ultimates # 3 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.

The continuation of the action packed adventures of Ultimate Comics‘s premiere super team featuring the team of Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow and Spider-Woman.

After Mark Millar’s run on the Ultimates, I’d like to say that this would be my second best arc. Not only because its written by Marvel architect Jonathan Hickman but because it balances the world of intrigue together with action and a bit of drama. It’s Hickman’s plot and scripting that made this book an engaging book in my opinion.

He also touches on the 616 Universe of Marvel by introducing a new menace which was created by Reed Richards (similarly wearing outfits resembling the Future Foundation).

Another great reason to actually pick up the book is because of the sheer number of great character moments such as when Tony Stark revealed that upgraded Thor’s gear which was last seen in Ultimates 2.

Another big pull in my opinion would be the art of Esad Ribic. I’ve been silently following the guy’s career ever since he did “Silver Surfer Requiem” a few years ago and I can say that the guy has made significant leaps and bounds from that time. In some pages, I could’ve sworn that Andy Kubert was working for Marvel again because of his artwork…

There are a few pitfalls in the book that needs to be resolved. My first and foremost concern for this iteration of Ultimates is the fact that Captain America is absent. Yeah, yeah, I know he quit the team during Ultimate Fallout but this is a world shattering event that could really need his help. Plus its never really going to be the ultimates without a member short of the big three.

Another aspect that seems to mildly irritate me is the fact that the issue itself is Thor heavy. Rather than focusing more on the group, we see a lot of panels with Thor in it. For crying out loud, its the first time we actually see the Ultimate version of Spider-Woman with the Ultimates and she barely got noticed nor did she get additional panels and appearances. We all know Jonathan Hickman loves his Thor (especially after writing that Thor miniseries last year with Pacheco) but this is starting to really look sour.

So to recap:

  • Action good
  • Character moments great
  • Amazing art
  • Good quips here and there
  • Bad because no Captain America
  • Too much Thor
  • lack of sardonic wit from Tony Stark
  • Nick Fury retreats…


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