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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wolverine # 312

Comic book review for Wolverine # 312 by Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi

This issue proves to be a major whammy thanks to an equally massive retcon that exploded courtesy of writer Jeph Loeb and company.

The return of Sabretooth provides the necessary ingredients for this retcon on Wolverine’s life and outlook. This issue is also important if you’re looking to find out the identity of that mysterious red head who was helping Logan since Romulus and Sabretooth reared their ugly head.

Wolverine # 312 is a pretty straightforward story. It’s actually so straightforward that I can tell you the whole happening in as little as five sentences. That’s the book’s weak point. It seems like Loeb was trying too hard to provide a good bait for readers regarding the return of Sabretooth and took it out by having Bianchi draw Wolverine and the mystery woman as much as he can. Regardless of that however, there are a few redeeming qualities to this book that can sate your berserker rage.

One is that the book was drawn by Simone Bianchi. It looks great and it’s really nice to look at. I’m really pleased with the output here as Bianchi’s last major work (Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes) was just plain. In this new arc for Wolverine we see Bianchi release his artistry and show his strengths as an artist.

The issue also felt like a medieval book. I’m not sure about the paper quality of the copy that you got but the issue that I got from our great sponsor Comicx Hub pretty much felt like it was a variant of an actual canvas. Or maybe it’s really just my copy and that I’m reading way too much on that bit.

The other thing that left me scratching my head in this issue was the massive retcon that Loeb and company has planned for the character. You might have read about these things on rumor sites and even on comic book forums. IMHO it’s not that bad but I can say that it’s not that good either. Actually I’m a bit worried here because it looks like  Jeph Loeb will be doing a complete shocker ending for “Sabretooth Reborn”.

Wolverine # 312 is something that will appeal more to Wolverine fans. Its for Logan fans but I cannot stress enough that this issue is a prelude for something. Whether that something will please us or make us the writer more is still up in the air until the conclusion to the Sabretooth Reborn is finally released next month.


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Earl Maghirang