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2015 has been a very good year for the comic book industry, local and  international! There were some ups and downs, from Secret Wars to Convergence, from Star Wars to , from  Komiket to no Summer Komikon, from Asia Pop Comic Con to 2-day Komikon, from Light to Patay Kung Patay, from News Hardcore!: Hukbong Sandatahan ng Kahaggardan! to Ang Subersibo and so much more, these are numerous things that made 2015 awesome.

FG Year In-Review 2015 Comics

2016 is here. The Flipgeeks comics team has chipped in to share  their own personal choices for  2015’s Best Comic, Breakout Comic and Disappointing Comic.



BEST COMIC: Chrononauts (Image Comics)
Yet another win from Mark Millar as he and Sean Murphy show how time travel can be a backdrop for fun and humor. From start to finish, the whole comic was a fun ride that’s well worth the TIME.


BREAKOUT COMIC: Howard the Duck (2015, Marvel Comics)
As much as I loved this character after reading his old comics, I saw little reason to see this guy in a comic after his post-credits cameo in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy besides cashing on those few seconds in his cameo….I was wrong the moment I read the first issue.
For an obscure character, he was a nice fit among the rest of the Marvel Universe. A great amount of comedy mixed with Howard’s drama of being able to fit in a world that’s not even his own home. Definitely a lot of adventurous happenings for a simple talking duck.



Ms. Marvel 01 2015LOVE JOY ZENAROSA

BEST COMIC: The Fade Out (Image Comics)
After their stylish debut, The Fade Out is one of the comics that leaves me worried waiting every issue which only means that it catches my jive. This “Hollywood noir” murder mystery comics always leaves me breathless and atthe edge of my seat. Its insightful character study doesn’t distract the clever way in telling the story. I believe that this is one of the brightest and smartest mystery comic of 2015.

Honorable Mention: Halina Filipina

BREAKOUT COMIC: Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)
After breaking the stereotypes and leaving all its controversies in the dust, Ms. Marvel stood tall in every aspect of comic book storytelling. Kamala Khan took Ms. Marvel in a notch where it doesn’t lose any ounce of humor and drama. It is exciting, smart, and all readers can easily relate to the character at the same time.

Honorable Mention: Itch

I find this one disappointing because there is nothing new that is exciting anymore about the stories. The art maybe is good, but I find the comic really boring.


Southern Bastards 11


BEST COMIC: Southern Bastards  (Image Comics)
Jason Aaron makes a continuing gripping crime thriller set in the American South. Excellent character development and pacing; no particular protagonist but everybody is well written.

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BREAKOUT COMIC: Paper Girls (Image Comics)
Fascinating story with lovable characters mixed with the Brian K. Vaughan’s charm and twists.

DISAPPOINTING COMIC: Spider-Verse (Marvel Comics)
started out good (issue #1) then it just spiraled into a web of complete mess. Rushed writing; the most interesting plot points happened in tie-ins. It’s ultimately a gimmick to bring more Spidey title into the catalog.



BEST COMIC: Halina Filpina (Nautilus Comics)
It’s just great.


BREAKOUT COMIC: Ligaya Komiks #2 (Ligaya Komiks)
Because the first issue barely had any content, but the second issue gave a lot of back story that made the series interesting.

DISAPPOINTING COMIC: Are You Depressed? (Loser Mangaka)
There were way too many corrections.





BEST COMIC: News Hardcore!: Hukbong Sandatahan ng Kahaggardan! (Visprint Inc.)

I’ve waited for this book for so long. This collection is perfect for a Manix Abrera fan or even to anyone. It’s filled with great humor and good art printed on fine-quality paper in color that it and Manix Abrera deserves. With the PhP 500 (US $10), it’s a total steal!


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Honorable Mention: Light (Anino Comics)

BREAKOUT COMIC: The Goddamned (Image Comics)
The words are quite perfectly balanced, from not too much being laid on each page; the dialogues and narrations are so simple and  yet the weight of them  pulls me in suspense and excitement that would just make me want to turn the page more and more. I love the art on how gritty and raw it is. The visual transitions of violence and calmness are so subtly perfect through out it’s panels and pages.

Honorable Mention: Patay Kung Patay (Kwanimation Productions)

DISAPPOINTING COMIC: Doctor Strange #3 (Marvel Comics)
Oh, my gosh. I totally love Chris Bachalo, but I totally bummed when I saw his stuff in this issue, it felt rushed talaga.


Patay Kung Patay #1 CovPAUL RAMOS

BEST COMIC: Saga (Image Comics)
Brian K. Vaughn’s scripts are some of the best scripts that are highly relatable, intimate, subtle and interconnecting to our mundane lives. Some may say Fiona Staples’ art is a bit rushed but her sequential paneling and intimate artistic executions synchronize well with BKV’s high-caliber narrative.

And Alan Moore reads Saga. Nuff said.

Honorable Mention: Southern Bastards

BREAKOUT COMIC: Patay Kung Patay (Kwanimation Productions)
Mike Alcazaren, Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo’s PKP is definitely the most daring, bravest and hardest-hitting new komiks that came out in 2015. They apply the best and worst historical political moments and lessons to bring the calls of a true socioeconomic revolution.

DISAPPOINTING COMIC: Bloodstrike (Image Comics)
I love Bloodstrike so I gave it a shot. RobLiefeld is writing and drawing this damned series. Abysmal plot and scripts, awful quality, and terrible artwork. These are the characteristics that makes Liefeld, well, “disappointing.”


Flipgeeks Team