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GEEK GIVEAWAY: The Avengers Assemble! FREE Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor COMICS!!

The Avengers by Alex Ross

GEEK GIVEAWAY is baaaack pipol!!!! Last time we gave away free movie tickets to the advanced screening to Safe House — thanks to our friends from SOLAR-UIP! But now since geek goodness is upon us, as APRIL 25 draws closer, THE AVENGERS are getting ready to ASSEMBLE!!!!

You might be wandering what we’re up to, but since this is geek giveaway, we are deciding to giveaway free comics! oh yeah! But we also need your help, on choosing what titles that you’d like to win, so recommend us the titles that you’d want to be the prize — may it be an Avengers book,  a Cap, Thor, Iron Man book — heck, if we get a huge response we may giveaway up to FIVE books (Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man)

Of course there are limitations on what you’d like to recommend so please see the following reminders on recommending your Hulk, Avengers, Cap, Thor and Iron Man books/titles:

1. Trade Paperbacks, Softcovers and Hardcovers, including Premiere editions are ALLOWED.

2. Singles are NOT ALLOWED.

3. OMNIBUS editions or any collected edition that are very thick (you know what we mean here heh :p ) are NOT ALLOWED

4. We suggest you recommend books that have a story arc contained in just 1 book/volume. (example: MARVELS, Demon in a Bottle, Planet Hulk)

5. We will only pick the best recommended titles, so that in the end we would still be capable on giving more books to winners!


Hopefully we get a lot of recommendations, and that they are good ones! Please keep in mind that depending on your recommendations, it will be the basis on how many books/titles we can give away. Lastly, the ‘recommend period’ would run for about 1-2 weeks, after that we’ll be conducting the actual promo with POLLS  based on the recommended titles and the number of responses sometime in March. So watchu waiting for ?!? We want to hear you out, GO GO GO!!!! Recommend your titles/books on the comments section below!!

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