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Kim Jacinto unleashes his VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT run to a new level

Filipino comic artist Aaron Kim Jacinto recently becomes the new artist for Marvel’s Venom Space Knight #8-10.  According to Kim Jacinto, he was chosen for the project since his art style was similar to the title’s other artist R.B. Silva.

Venom Space Knight 08 covVenom Space Knight 09 covVenom Space Knight 10 cov

Unlike with the other projects he’s worked on with Marvel, he had difficulty with the deadlines for Venom Space Knight. He had to work on the series a page per day while dealing with his wedding. Though he still manages with the deadlines, Kim compares that on previous projects he was able rest a bit unlike with Venom Space Knight.

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Jacinto points at his favorite page (as seen below) and comments colorist JV Tarttaglia, “gumaganda gawa ko dahil sa kanya.”

Kim Jacinto Venom Space Knight 08

Jacinto adds that his favorite artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers vs. X-Men, Civil War II) and he always try to look at Coipel’s works. Inserting any Filipino easter egg references, Jacinto explains. “Yung iba alam ko na obvious. Lalo na mga brand. Pinapatanggal or pinapabago. ‘Di naman pareho yung name, medyo magkalapit lang. Pero pinabago pa din nila (his editor). Meron kasi dito sa atin na China na Panasonic, diba? Yung Pensonic?”

Jacinto laughs, “Yun yung nilagay ko, pero pinabago pa din nila.”

When asked for advice to aspiring comic artists in the Philippines, Kim Jacinto suggested to keep practicing since up to now he keeps practicing as well. “

Kim Jacinto’s final issue run Venom: Space Knight #10 will be released this July.

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