Posted August 6, 2012 by Tony Tuason in Comics

Komikon INDIEKET 2012 Quick Report

Last month, the organizers of Komikon held the 1st Komikon Grand Independent Komiks Market or Indieket. Though it wasn’t as big as last summer’s Komikon, lots of indie creators and artists were present to showcase their works and to talk to fans and people who came.

Indieket was really amusing because, a lot of new faces and participants were there and it just tells us that there are more and more people are getting into Komiks. It was also great to be there because there were talks that were held onstage by various people to talk about comics 101 and the creative process in creating comics. Lots of new and familiar faces, veteran and seasoned comics artists were also there to do some sketches, and lots of komiks to get! That’s the 1st Indieket for you in summary, and I honestly can’t wait for the next one. Check out our image gallery for the event here.


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